New Switch, Who Dis?

After much speculation (pretty much since the day the original Switch released), Nintendo have finally revealed their hardware plans with the inevitable newer refresh of the console we were all expecting to happen.

The difference this time around is that Nintendo has opted to go for a cheaper, more mobile option; eliminating the docking feature that gave the Switch its name and also added permanent controls on either side of the screen that cannot be removed.

The other major difference here with what Nintendo has called the Switch Lite is that it has a much smaller footprint, opting for a 5.5 inch LCD instead of the 6.2 version of the original. This puts the Switch Lite into handheld gaming conversation which is what Nintendo are obviously going for with the cut backs on the features that made the original Switch such a popular console.

The majority of the Switch back catalogue will also work here although there may be issues with some games that relied on the motion active features of the console. You can still play these games by connecting additional joy-cons and the pro controller if you desire.

The one major positive of the built in controls is that you now get a complete connected, traditional D-Pad instead of the directional buttons on the joy cons. This will definitely make the handheld experience much more pleasant. You do however lose the kickstand which makes sense if this is solely a handheld machine.

Nintendo have also confirmed that the Nintendo Labo line of products will not work with the Switch Light obviously due to the size difference and lack of detachable joy cons so if you are going to buy this particular version of the Switch, always check compatibility.

Rumours are still rife that we will still see a new, more powerful switch with all its docking and detachable controller glory coming at some point but for now, the Switch Light is perfect for those who were on the fence about buying a switch. If you have a main home console, the Switch Lite is the perfect accompaniment as you get the amazing selection of games already released and you can play them on the go to beat. 

The Nintendo Switch Lite is due to be released around the 20th September 2019 priced at £199.

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    Thanks for the heads up on the switch light

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