BRB UK 198: The Evil Sticky

Hello to you lovely podcasty people.

E3’s done and we’ve recovered from last week’s huge show and are ready to get back to normal. This week’s show sees ColemanTim  joined by a very special guest host Dan Pearse, the creator of 10 Second Ninja X.

Here’s what you can expect from this week’s episode:

  • Hello Games’ three year battle with Sky UK
  • Is Beyond Good & Evil 2 still happening?
  • Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered coming to PlayStation 4
  • Fable Fortune‘s Kickstarter Canceled
  • Nintendo NX update
  • Coleman & Tim get stuck into Mirror’s Edge Catalyst
  • Tim bores everyone with Pro Evolution Soccer 2016
  • Dan takes a break from making video games ro make level’s in Doom‘s SnapMap

We appreciate you chaps taking time out of your week to listen to our show.  For your convenience, you can simply download the MP3 by clicking HERE or you can subscribe via iTunes, RSS or Stitcher and stay up to date.

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  1. Good show!

    But the football will never be over.  The football is officially going on forever!  😉

    Also quite funny listening to what England might do after the match has happened.  Frozen pizzas all round!

  2. WarMachine

    Superb show chaps 🙂

  3. Ricardo Kirkabon

    I like “people of the Barrel” but I had always assumed we were Big Red Barrelists. 

    Great show guys

  4. Aurochs

    Listening to this show again feels like coming home. But like… In my ears? It’s as pleasant as it sounds.

    Seriously though thanks for the episode, going to go and listen to the E3 one now as I missed basically all of that news.

    Never underestimate the viking fury of the Icelanders…

  5.    Enjoyable show lads, from the lows of Tim and his pig bladder ball to the soaring highs of Dan’s snapmap enthusiasm winning me over.  Will try out Doom on his joy alone.  And Tim missed a golden opportunity to sign off as “Cuddle Puddle.”  Disappointing. 

  6. The Q?! said
    And Tim missed a golden opportunity to sign off as “Cuddle Puddle.”  Disappointing.   

    He’ll always be my cuddle puddle.


  7. Ozfatboy

    Another Great Show guys. Keep up the awesome work.


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