Titanfall Contest – Win Xbox One Copy, Pad and First to Fall Patch

So, you have your Xbox One and now you are waiting. Waiting for something to just drop out of the sky. Waiting for the One piece of software that will justify your purchase. But what’s that? You spent all your money on your shiny new Xbox and now you don’t have any money left? Fear not, BRB has your back – and perhaps more importantly, has three great Titanfall prizes in front of you.


You could win a grand prize of;

One copy of Titanfall for Xbox One

One Special Edition Titanfall Pad for Xbox One

One Titanfall “First to Fall” Patch

(That is the cloth kind of patch, not the downloadable variety.)

Two Runners Up will also receive;

Titanfall “First to Fall” Patch



All you have to do to win this great set of prizes is answer the following question.

Question: Who would make up the five other members of your ideal Titanfall Team? Give a brief description of why they would make the best teammates. They can be fictional or real, silly or sensible, an existing team or five individuals.

All entries must be submitted by 8.00 AM Monday 24th March. Due to the postal costs, entries from the UK only for the main prize, runners up can be from anywhere in the world. The winners will be picked at random shortly afterwards and announced on this thread. All other BRB terms and conditions for contests apply and can be read here.

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  1. evilgoldfish

    I would have
    Captain Olimar from Pikmin – due to his minuscule size he can only make the Mech seem even larger -psychological warfare!
    Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock – he sees text and computer imagery swirling round his head all the time, gotta help him fight a future war.
    Ron Burgundy – with that impressive moustache he can always assemble a battle winning team.
    Conservative minister Michael Gove – He seems to be an expert in every field he is placed in, according to him anyway.
    Vin Deisel -If he is half as handy as Riddick we are in with a shot.

  2. Jamie McLellan

    I would choose…

    ED-209 from Robocop – Basically a mech riding a mech, which is so amazing that it could rip a hole in the fabric of space and time.

    Sigourney Weaver in her role as Ripley – Did you see the way she handled that power loader? If anyone could seriously prod buttock in a Titan, it’s Ripley.

    Superman – Imagine the shock on an enemies face. “Ha, we’ve destroyed the Titan and killed the pilot withi-HOLY HELL IT’S SUPERMAN!”. Then heat vision. Heat vision, all up in their business.

    Hulk – Same as above, but green.

    Master Chief – The idea of ejecting from a Titan and dropping a well placed sticky grenade onto another Titan’s head makes me happier than Gillian Mckeith in a sewer.

    Of course, failing that, i’ll settle for five of my mates, a packet of sweeties and enough caffeine to fuel an all-nighter.

  3. Andrew

    I would pick:
    Master Chief because he has them mad hijacking skills!
    Pikachu because I have personally spent my youth watching him bring down giant robots
    Newcastle United legend Alan Shearer because my dad says he is a god and can do anything
    A toddler because who is going to shoot a little kid?
    The Monopoly man so if all else fails I can buy the other team off

  4. Josh

    My team would be:
    Shinji because someone’s got to pilot the giant robots and be a little bitch about it
    The Iron Giant because robots inside robots
    Mako from Kill La Kill. Because Mako.
    AM from “I have no mouth and I must scream” because he could just mess with their heads so much
    Soldier from TF2 because it would be amazing to see him rocketjumping onto a Titan

  5. Sophie

    The best team would have to be me and five other clones of myself. It’d be a perfect backup plan too. A man down? Just grab another one from the freezer, it’s all good.
    I can’t promise any decent /skill/ from them but I’ve got the endless cannon fodder provided if all else fails.

  6. Daniel

    I would have;
    Russell Crowe because he loves to fight things
    Hunky Jesus from American Dad because he can fight through the apocalypse
    Short Round from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom because if he can escape from big men with chains and machetes, he must obviously be good at Titanfall..
    And finally;
    Paul Chuckle,
    and Barry Chuckle for reasons which are obviously apparent…

  7. Brad

    My perfect team would consist of,

    Barristan Selmy from Game of Thrones – One of the best fighters in Westeros and years of experience.
    Legion from Mass Effect – The geth can’t be wrong and piloting titans, ez.
    Doom from Dota 2 – Doom counters everyone and anyone.
    Solaire of Astora from Dark Souls – Jolly Cooperation!
    Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite – Hello infinite ammo

  8. Josh L

    My perfect team would be:

    Ratchet, from Ratchet and clank, because he’d be pretty good at repairing the robots, not to mention the addition of ridiculous weaponry.

    Heimerdinger, from League of Legends, because Dongsquad420 blaze it.

    Michael Jordan, because slam jam thank you m’am, get on the floor and jam.

    John Blacklaws, because he is a god.

    Mr Rogers, because he was the winner of the Ultimate Showdown.

  9. Ben

    Perfect Team:

    Shulk from Xenoblade chronicles. Seing the future seems like a useful ability in any team member.

    Magneto. Massive advantage over anything made of metal? Check.

    Hououin Kyouma from Steins;Gate, to give motivational speeches.

    A Wailord, to crush everything.

    Big Zam, because Big Zam.

  10. Matt Warb

    my team would be;
    Cortana – every team should have a super intelligent AI in it
    Batman – because honestly what can’t he do
    Magneto – those enemy Titans won’t be doing much damage to me if they can’t move will they?
    Albus Dumbledore – magic > bullets
    Dave Grohl – while the rest of the team sort out the enemies he can provide some music for us to kick arse to

  11. Liam

    The team I’d go for is:

    – Samus Aran, cause she’s already acrobatic as fuck, so give her a jump pack n watch her go!
    – Hercules, cause he’s already good at killing titans.
    – Eren Jaeger, for the same reason xD
    – JC Denton, he could remotely disable enemy titans by hacking them.
    – Edward Snowder, cause he could cause controversy over the Titan’s, cease their manufacture and thus bring the fighting back to man v man.

  12. Sarah

    Alright so:
    The Woodland Christmas Critters from South Park – Ain’t nothing fucking with that cliche
    Lilith from Borderlands – who doesn’t need a badass female character?
    Inspector Gadget – that’s resources right there!
    Kirby – who doesn’t win with him on SSB?
    annnd finally
    Peeves the ghost – invisibility? Hello?!

  13. evilgoldfish


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