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BRB Boom 62: F U Russ Greeno

This week, Smelly Pirate and Yoshifett geek out about Victorian garments, F-ing Russ Greeno, Nintendo, we love Nintendo, Nintendo flash backs and Zelda.

Five Steps To Success In Resogun

I’ve assembled a few choice broad hints and tips to help hapless space pilots everywhere stand a better chance against already unfathomably perilous odds.

Review: The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

Even before I arrived at the cinema to watch Peter Jackson’s next foray into Middle-Earth, I was already thinking about The Two Towers. Perhaps my expectations were too high…

Review: The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

How often do you hear people talk about awful The Legend of Zelda games? The answer to that question is: never.

Review: Yeti on Furry

Heading to iOS comes Yeti on Furry, a game that tasks you with defending a Yeti from baddies by tapping on the screen and switching between an array of attack powers.

BRB UK 84: 0898 PlayStation 4

Ahoy there, chaps and chapettes! The silly season of console launches is officially coming to a close (for the moment, anyway) with the EU launch of the PlayStation 4.

Review: FIFA 14

I rely on EA’s yearly franchise to get my sporting highs on the couch – and I can thankfully report that FIFA 14 certainly achieves that, though surprisingly for a next-gen entry, loses something in translation too.

Kev and Dan Play Pig Bladder Ball

We needed two members of the BRB staff to play Fifa 14, so who better than two people who know next to nothing about footballs?

Big Red Barrelcast 37: Twitch My Richard

On this week’s episode, Dave, and Kev are joined by Mr. Sony, Rothbart, to ramble on about getting hands on with the PS4, First person shooters, and Occulus Rift.

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