Event: 8o’s Big Red Blood Dragon Night at Loading Bar, Soho

Big Red Barrel invite you to join us at Loading Bar in Soho, on Wednesday 1st May, to celebrate the launch of Far Cry 3‘s latest DLC, Blood Dragon by joining us for an evening transporting you back to a gaming yesteryear with the help of alcohol, 80’s music, arcade machines and prizes.

You will have an opportunity to try the new Blood Dragon content itself, available to play for free on the evening and three lucky winners will walk away with their own download code via competitions throughout the evening.


Loading/MADD has also just had a new retro addition to the venue, with the full range of Bespoke Arcades retro inspired arcade cabinets. They were delivered yesterday and I had the chance to have a quick go and it wasn’t long before one of the table top designs went to the top of my Christmas list. The full range of cabinets will be fully installed, setup and calibrated just in time for Wednesday and will be available to play for free on the night and from now on.


As well as a classic 80’s soundtrack for the evening, there will be classic 80’s inspired cocktails available, as well as a special one-off Big Red Blood Dragon cocktail only available on the night.

So, come recapture the feeling of sneaking out on a school night, stick the date in your filofax and come join us for a phat wicked bad night of gaming awesome.

DAY: Wednesday 1st May

TIME: 8pm-12 Midnight

53 Rupert Street

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  1. Dangerous Brian

    Of course I’m working Wednesday, looks like I shall miss yet another event. Have fun guys.

  2. Well of course I’ll be there, bringing merriment and you to all those who don’t run away…

  3. Blazblueneko

    Every time there’s an event on I end up being poor just before it’s announced ~_~I’ve just spent the last part of my disposable income on a new Xbox 360 since mine sadly died!!sounds like it’d be a great night though so hope you all have fun

  4. I will be risking the dreaded midweek hangover for a night of 80’s goodness. See what you do to me Loading?

  5. blazblueneko

    lol this is very true the worst that could happen is i’d get caught….or on the other hand I could just be let loose on london with a stomach full of far cry 3 blood dragon cocktails a bag full of money and a head full of 80’s action movie one liners!! hasta la vista morality pew pew ^_^ you sir are a bad influence

  6. We are bringing back the two for £10 cocktail promo from 8pm, drink, play classic 80’s games to music like this: youtube.com/watch?v=DnUSGA…— Loading Cafe/Bar (@drinkrelaxplay) May 1, 2013

    2 for £10 Big Red Blood Dragons (& other cocktails). I am excite.

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