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BRB UK 54: Army of Euphemisms

Pip pip! The BRB UK crew are back in full force, thanks to our resident Scot taking a break from counting Murray Mints, to take on a jam-packed wodge of gaming news.

Big Red Flix 56: Cry Sexy

This week Dave and Yoshifett are joined by their buddy Smelly Pirate to discuss, The Croods, House Of Cards, Bronson, Cowboys & Aliens, The Walking Dead, as well as recent trailers.

Battlefield 4 – “Fishing in Baku” Gameplay Reveal

Coming out in Autumn/Fall of 2013, the first 17 minutes of footage from Battlefield 4 has been revealed today, all taken from in-game footage and powered by the Frostbite 3 engine.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 – Siberian Strike DLC Teaser

Set in an isolated Siberian location, this DLC pack will offer a more open world environment for solving missions and is available now.

Event: BRBoardgame Night – Loading Bar, Soho, London. [Updated]

Do you like the combination of cocktails, board games and video games all in one handy London based location?

Review: Doctor Who: The Card Game

Far more than a simple cash-in, Doctor Who: The Card Game is a thematically solid, surprisingly meaty and well-thought out game. The only thing missing is the fun.

Review: Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time

Sanzaru Games succeeds in reviving a franchise that was not their own and in the process, make it their own.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

This is no Pokemon game. This is Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate! With fishing. And farming… Did I mention the big old monsters? Yeah, it has those too!

Watch_Dogs – ctOS Threat Monitoring Report

Witness the actions of Aiden Pearce in the city of Chicago through the eyes of ctOS.

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