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Gamer’s Guide To MCM Expo London 2012

As a veteran of several successful comic con campaigns, I thought I would take a moment to pass on some of my edumacated “wisdom” and point out some highlights for gamers to see at this weekend’s show.

Halo 4 – Gameplay Launch Trailer

Master Chief and Cortana return only to be stranded on the shield world Requiem,  witnessing the return of the Forerunners, and ancient evil awakens.

Assassin’s Creed 3 – Official Launch Trailer

Live the battles of the American Revolution through the eyes of Connor as he becomes a Master Assassin, and forever changes a nation.

Medal of Honor Warfighter – Single Player Launch Trailer

When a deadly explosive threatens civilian populations and the terrorists go global, so do the Tier 1 operatives, drafted from the best of the best from all nations to take the fight to the enemy.

Trailer: Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale – Live Action

If you’ve ever wanted to know what would happen if you put Nathan Drake, Cole McGrath, Kratos and Sackboy in a manky old room together, this is the live action trailer for you! PASASBUR!

A Lengthy Progress Update on Insomniac’s ‘Fuse’

This 18 minute-long video has Insomniac’s head honcho himself, Ted Price, walk us through some of the basic beats of their upcoming shooter, Fuse. It may not look as quirky as the originally pitched ‘Overstrike’ was, but this still looks pretty promising.

BRB Boom 29: Because Boobs

This week, Dogsdie, Smelly Pirate and Yoshifett nerd out about achievements, game prices, downloadable games, the deal of the week and other topics that affect today’s gamer.

BRB Blu 29: Uno Mas

This week Rothbart, PacManPolarBear and Frawlz give thanks to Sony for the new PSN store, Sony’s new patents, Sing Star goes free to play, and a few more nuggets of Sony goodness.

Let’s Play Command & Conquer Renegade

Yeah, we do Let’s Plays now. I mean technically The Big Red Ramble is a kind of Let’s Play, but these are recorded live at the source. In this inaugural episode, I get my buddy, Dave (not that one), to join me for a C&C Renegade session. You remember Renegade, right? The C&C First-Person Shooter? No? […]

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