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What To Expect When You’re Expecting Xbox

With Microsoft ready to unveil the next generation of their Xbox platform on May 21st, let’s have one last guesstimation as to what will be shown at the long-awaited event.

Big Red Barrelcast 7: Tussin

Talking about video games is Dave, Pacman and Kev’s business and business is good.

BRB UK 56: Tim-o-nomics

It’s that time of the week for a smidge of tea-fuelled burbling about the week’s gaming news. This week, Dan and Tim are joined by Kev from the Big Red Barrelcast – as Jon forgot that a weekly podcast tends to happen every week.

The Sound of Silence

With Sony enjoying the next-gen spotlight, Microsoft are keeping quiet, but the speculation rages on regardless.

The Need For Price Increases

I do not want a price increase, but I am looking to prove that they are both needed and overdue.

Disc-less Xbox? Not Likely

Rumors. They make the world go round. This especially holds true in the video game industry. It seems like every day, a new, exclusive rumor pops up on a random site. While quite frequently these rumors do…

The Console Names of the Next Generation: Wii U, PS4, 720

We know the name of the next Nintendo console: The Wii U. Nintendo have, since the Nintendo Entertainment System, always looked to trade on …

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