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BRB UK 94: Fart Roh Dah!

Ahoy hoy, chaps and chapettes! It’s time for you to get a crumpet in the toaster and settle down for another dose of BRB UK.

Titanfall – Official Gameplay Launch Trailer

Standby for a game where man and machine will fight as one. Standby for epic settings that’ll you’ll traverse through free running. Standby, for Titanfall!

BRB UK 93: There’s Somebody At The Door

Cripes, crivens and c’or blimey! All three of BRB UK crew are in residence (for a change) this week.

Titanfall Interview: Abbie Heppe – Respawn Community Manager

Tim caught up with Abbie Heppe of Respawn Entertainment to talk about the Beta build and discuss what it is like to get a community to fall in love with a gaming franchise before it exists.

BRB UK 92: Effective Denim Protection

BRB UK returns to regular service with Jon! But no Dan. Sorry about that. We’ve got Flappy Bird though.

Big Red Barrelcast 44: No Walls Between The Stalls

On this week’s episode, Dave, Kev and PacManPolarBear blabber on about Ice T, Metal Gear, and Sochi.

Comic: The Big Game – Titanfelled

Titanfall drops today! And with it we are dropping the first of our new style comics from our new comic artist, Monica!

Titanfall Gameplay – Last Titan Standing on Fracture

Shown to the public for the first time, Fracture is set in the lush green mountains, with both residential and industrial buildings. Also seen for the first time is the Last Titan Standing mode, a game where both teams spawn in Titans and rounds are won by destroying all of the enemy Titans, or the […]

Titanfall Gameplay – Hardpoint Domination on Angel City

Witness the action of Titanfall on the streets of Angel City. Hardpoint Domination is a team based, point capturing game type where controlling key locations is paramount for victory. Titanfall is due for release March 11th in the US, and 14th in the UK, across the Xbox One and PC platforms. An Xbox 360 version […]

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