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Why Do We Play MMOs?

Oddly enough, the one thing I realize I don’t play MMOs is for the community aspect. Sure, I will join a party to run a dungeon, but apart from that, I tend to run solo, thus negating the MMO portion of my enjoyment. So why do I enjoy them?

EA Update: Battlefield 3, Medal Of Honor Warfighter, The Secret World, EA SPORTS NHL 13

Join Matt Cuttle for a rundown of everything you need to know about the latest and greatest gaming goings on in EA Update. EA Update is produced by EA UK and does not necessarily represent the views of or any of its staff.

The Secret World Preview

The Secret World is officially out today, but I was lucky enough to get early access to the game over the weekend. One weekend’s play merely scratches the surface, but I can already let you know if this game is worth diving into.


On this episode of PWNED: Matt finds out more about The Secret World with Erling Elling from FunCom and the game lore that sits behind it. Darren Cross from Match Magazine gives us some help with scoring goals from dead-ball situations in UEFA Euro 2012. Rasmus Højengaard from Crytek gives us more detail on Crysis […]

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