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BRB UK 70: Worms With Friends

Dan’s butler is on holiday this week and accidentally took the keys to the DanCave® with him.

Event: TTT: Pesky Hobbits & The Precious Tekken Treasure Trove

A copy of The Hobbit board game, Physical Cards for Tekken Card Tournament & Tekken Tag Tournament 2 all to be won at this week’s Table Top Tuesday at Loading!

Event: TTT: Tekken Card Tournament & Help Design BRB The Board Game!

This week’s Table Top Tuesday at Loading, Soho, London, Big Red Barrel is mixing things up a little.

Tekken Card Tournament – Physical Game Cards Trailer

Tekken Card Tournament collectible cards are now available in stores! Sold in booster packs of five cards each, the 191 collectible cards bring a wealth of bonus in-game features including valuable power ups, collectible art, new cards via the card fusion system, augmented reality characters, plus extra chances to get super rare powers for Heihachi. […]

BRB UK 56: Tim-o-nomics

It’s that time of the week for a smidge of tea-fuelled burbling about the week’s gaming news. This week, Dan and Tim are joined by Kev from the Big Red Barrelcast – as Jon forgot that a weekly podcast tends to happen every week.

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