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BRB UK 567: It’s Not a Cult!

Sure, Omni-Man may be powerful but his speed is not quite my Tempo

BRB UK 539: Wurst Episode Ever

It’s Monsters and Dogfights and Pork (oh my) on this week’s show… how frighteningly chill

BRB UK 534: Capcom’s Midlife Crisis

Anything Nintendo can do, Capcom can do… digitally? You know, like Theme Parks?

BRB UK 476: Pokémon Legends ARSEus

Let’s cram some animals in a tiny ball because it’s podcast time

BRB UK 470: 12 Inches of Christmas

Here’s your first gift while the team are away, let’s take a look at this year’s best games

BRB UK 461: Everyone’s My Butler

Back 4 Blood, Metroid Dread, DC Fandome and Destiny… It’s Podcast time bay-bay!

BRB UK 404: Dickwing

Let’s all find out about what’s going on in the world of video games with those BRB UK chaps

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