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Toygeddon – Steam Greenlight Trailer

Hey, Did you know that Rocket League was really successful? Well so did Unreal Vision and that’s probably wy they created Toygeddon – a free-to-play racing online battle arena. Toygeddon has just launched a campaign on Steam Greenlight, so go check it out if you’re interested.

Battle Princess Madelyn – Teaser

Taking a couple of beats from the Ghosts ‘n Goblins series comes Battle Princess Madelyn, a classic style side-scroller that just looks glorious. Battle Princess Madelyn is slated to release late 2017 and currently has a Steam Greenlight campaign.

BRB UK 231: Legion of Dads

PMPB joins Coleman & Tim this week to talk For Honor, Dad Quest, emulation projects & all this week’s biggest gaming news.

EGX 2015: Unbox

EGX 2015 introduced Diarmuid to Bounce, the cute and cardboard-y star of Unbox.

Tasty Blue – Trailer

Following a successful Greenlight campaign, Dingo Games’ fully little “aquatic eat-’em-up” Tasty Blue has made its way to Steam. Take control of a hungry Goldfish that – after eating its way out of house and home, is released into the ocean where it must keep up with its hungry habits. In addition to playing as the […]

Preview: Monstrum

First person survival horror title Monstrum is a truly terrifying experience when played by a wimp.

Review: Full Bore

Full Bore is stuffed so full of secrets that the story is a bit too much of an enigma. However, this can be overlooked in favour of fantastic, addictive puzzle design.

Preview: Broforce

Broforce is a beautiful controlled chaos that brings together Action Heroes with the simplistic style of arcade shooters, GET TO DA CHOPPA!

BRB UK 88: Artiticulated Goats

Hello! It’s that time of the week for some Anglicised gaming goodness – Jon’s, however, remains mystified by calendars.

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