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BRB UK 534: Capcom’s Midlife Crisis

Anything Nintendo can do, Capcom can do… digitally? You know, like Theme Parks?

BRB UK 533: Attack of the Marketing Machine

There’s more rumbling in the bathhouse and the soundboard has gone into overdrive

BRB UK 532: Big Eyes & Neon Lights

It’s Light versus Dark in Destiny’s latest expansion, while over in Ishin… naked man fights

BRB UK 531: PSVR 2 Electric Boogaloo

They’re back, for everyone that believes in the beat… and by beat we obviously mean VR

BRB UK 530: More VR Hype!

Are you ready to go all Lawnmower Man with PSVR 2? Not long to go now

BRB UK 529: Big Hoss Energy

Come aboard our tiny equine rides and gallop into the night, because it’s Podcast time

BRB UK 528: AI Jump Scares

What’s that coming over the hill? no idea? but best blast it with a Plasma Cutter to be safe

BRB UK 527: Not Bad

You can probably guess from the title but that Forspoken… may be a bit better than expected

BRB UK 526: Stadia No More

Stadia? More like Stadi-Naaa… because not many people wanted it and it shut down

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