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BRB UK 219: Smash Her Pumpkin

Dan is joined by Kev & Jon this week to talk Watch Dogs 2, Sea Hero Quest, Diablo III & Steamworld Heist.

Close My Open Worlds For Better Games

Tim attempts to explore the environment of open world bloat, without tripping over and falling on his face.

BRB Staff – E3 Wishlist

The biggest event in a gamer’s year is now less than a week away. With E3 so rapidly approaching, the excitement is building and rumours are circulating. Here’s what we are looking forward to/hoping for.

Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems

Video game budgets seem to be getting far too big, requiring games to sell Call of Duty-like numbers in order to simply ‘meet expectations’.

BRB UK 47: Grannies To Acquire Vajazzles

Pip pip! We’ve managed to round up a Scotsman for the first time in a while, so the BRB UK team is back to normal(ish) at long last. So join Dan, Jon and Tim as they plough through the week’s gaming news.

Vincent’s Top 5 Games Of 2012

Without a doubt this has been a great year for games. Be it indie titles or big budget retail titles, some fantastic games have come out in 2012 with more than a few that ended up being wonderful surprises. I haven’t been able to play all of them, but here are the ones that were the best and most memorable for me.

BRB Blu 25: 50 Shades of Rothbart

This week Rothbart, Frawlz and PacManPolarBear discuss Sony Liverpool closing, Sleeping Dogs, Onlive, the latest Max Payne 3 DLC, da roomahs, and a few more nuggets of Sony goodness.

Sleeping Dogs: Hints and Tips

Sleeping Dogs has a lot to offer but it’s easy to miss the little things. The following hints and tips should help maximize your fun and minimize any aggravation.

Review: Sleeping Dogs

The game feels like a giant love letter from developer United Front Games to the city of Hong Kong and the many action films its produced.

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