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Review: Exit: The Pharaoh’s Tomb

Exit: The Pharaoh’s Tomb is an escape room in a tabletop setting, with sequential puzzle solving.

Review: Unravel

Unravel is about a ball of yarn that can steal the hearts of its audience. Combine this with a studio that seems driven by people rather than profit, and this game immediately sticks out.

Preview: Agent Alice

It was a day like any other, I took my coffee the same way I always did but this morning, it tasted a little different;

Review: Monochroma

Whilst it lives up to the promise of a deep visual experience, Monochroma is ultimately unsatisfying thanks to a frustrating lack of control.

Review: Full Bore

Full Bore is stuffed so full of secrets that the story is a bit too much of an enigma. However, this can be overlooked in favour of fantastic, addictive puzzle design.

Review: LEGO The Hobbit

Traveller’s Tales have done it again; this time our journey back to the beauty of Middle-Earth is laced with dwarf-havoc, newly-expanded exploration and plenty of shiny shiny treasure.

Review: Papers, Please

Lucas Pope gives us an indie-title that piques the curiosity, and has a surprising impact on our sense of morality in video games.

Word Soup Review

Word Soup is one of those games that is perfect for accompanying you en route to work or just lounging on a sofa in the afternoon.

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