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Vanguard: Fight for Rudiarius – EGX 2018 Reveal Trailer

Revealed at this year’s EGX, Vanguard: Fight for Rudiarius is an ambitious new multiplayer space shooter that utilises cross-play over PC, VR and mobile platforms. No release date as of yet but we’ll put up more information as it becomes available.  

Review: Maximum Car

With six worlds and 100 different cars to unlock, Richard has found his new toilet game: Nicoll Hunt’s Maximum Car

Review: Bridge Constructor

Bridge Constructor is a game which invoked some mixed – mainly bad – feelings in Jamie as he strove to become a master architect.

Review: Syn

Simon dragged his finger around and reviewed Syn. Sadly, despite some nice visuals, it’s as soulless as its protagonist.

An Interview with Sean Vanderasson, Senior VP of WildTangent

Sean answers questions on all manner of subjects, such as the “console war”, microtransactions, and why hardcore players should care about a service aimed at casual gamers.

Ouya Needs To Show It’s More Than A Shout In The Dark

The Android-based home console has smashed $5 million on Kickstarter and promises a revolution – but does it have what it takes to deliver?

Review: Lock ‘n’ Load

Lock, load, jam. This iOS twin-stick shooter misfires on all counts, and boasts a shockingly uncouth attitude to in-app purchases.

Buying an iPad? You Probably Won’t Need Anything Else

Jon has been playing with a new iPad, and any reservations he had about the device’s gaming cred have evaporated. Would he still buy a PS Vita to go with it?

Triple Town, You Magnificent Bastard

Gifted publicity by copycat title Yeti Town’s plagiarism, this free-to-play spin on colour-matching will not become a victim of this surge in popularity. This is because it is very, very good.

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