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My Gaming Life… So Far

Josh takes a trip down memory lane to reminisce about some of the key gaming moments in his life so far.

Geek Speak 7: Smörgåsbord of Sex

Welcome back to BRB Geek Speak! Tune in for discussion of alien anatomy, new kind of IKEA instructions, Scarlett Witch and geeky clothing!

Missing you Massively

Once you become so attached to a character, you only want the best for them. Is that so wrong?

The Backlog: Part 1 – No Fun To Be Had

I have been trying to figure out the most effective strategy to use in order to best tackle my backlog. I have however, started to make progress.

Mass Effect Community Commanders Interview

While attending the MCM Expo in London recently, I encountered an extra terrestrial raiding party including a human Spectre agent, another human female and what I can only assume was a Krogan male.

Mass Effect 3 Cry-Babies Up In Arms About Game They Didn’t Make

Vocal opposition to Mass Effect 3’s ending is making the gaming community look like a laughing stock to people who have more important things to worry about than the conclusion of Shepard’s three-game story.

The Big Red Ramble: Mass Effect 2

A retrospective look back at Mass Effect 2. Warning: These guys get into some Mass Effect conversation, so expect spoilers if you haven’t played it yet! (Why would you not have played it yet?)

Mass Effect: Play YOUR Story, Not the “Best” Story

In the weeks before the anticipated release of Mass Effect 3, I was watching many of my friends play the first two games again. While almost all of them were playing to refresh the story, I noticed quite a few …

I Suck at Video Games

That’s right; I said it. I’m really bad at them, even though I’ve been playing games for probably 15 years. I didn’t notice until I was tallying up “points” for The Locals (which will debut soon right here on Big Red Barrel).

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