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Event: A Wake For LucasArts – The After Shots

On Saturday the 13th of April, Big Red Barrel were invited back to help host another evening at Loading Bar in Soho London.

Event: A Wake for LucasArts at Loading Bar. London

We at BRB are helping Loading Bar to hold a wake in honour of the death of LucasArts this Saturday 13th April.

Big Red Barrelcast 6: Hulk Buster Junior

The Big Red Barrelcast returns! PacManPolarBear, Dave and Kev are here to talk about video games and video game accessories.

BRB UK 55: Old Snake is Old

What ho! It’s that time of the week to take a meander around the week’s gaming news with Dan, Jon and Tim – your bunch of belligerently blathering Brits. So pop on a monocle, grab a cup of tea and have a listen.

BRB UK 36: I Feel The Need, The Need for Creed!

It’s that time of the week for your dose of British blathering with Dan, Jon and Tim – so grab a cup of tea and settle down for a smidge of gaming news!

Eaten by a Polar Bear: The Old Republic – Nerd Wars

What happens when multiple groups of rabid fans from similar yet distinct backgrounds collide in an MMO setting?

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