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Review: Lost Planet 3

For fans of the series or those new to it, Lost Planet 3 is your typical 3rd person shooter. However, thanks to some added ideas and characters, it’s a (ice) blast.

Event: EToo – The Alternate E3, 10-13 June at Loading Bar, Soho

London town is getting its own taste of gaming goodness (with an indie twist) to coincide with the colonial commoners Los Angeles-based gaming convention.

Rebirth: Stop Calling it a Reboot

I would argue that very few games are technically rebooted, most are just reborn. The phrase “reboot” should be reserved for occasions where something has been shut down and restarted.

Trailer: Lost Planet 3 – Gamescom 2012

Did you manage to spot the hookshot ability?

BRB UK 21: PlayStation Minus

Ahoy hoy! It’s time for you to get a cup of tea brewing, a crumpet toasting and BRB UK downloading as Dan, Jon and Tim are back to squirt out your weekly dose of video game Britishness.

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