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Tango Fiesta – Development Diary

Born in a gamejam at Rezzed in 2013, this diary series shows behind the scenes footage, insight, tips, tricks and exclusive development footage of Tango Fiesta as it comes to life. This episode focuses on the game’s developer, Andrew Smith, taking Tango Fiesta down to Loading Bar in London. Myself, Andy Jones and Hamish Jupp were amongst […]

Loading Moves and TtT Will Roll With It

With Loading’s announcement that they are now going to be taking on the task of seeking new premises, the need for TtT to move on is perhaps more obvious. N.B: NOW WITH UPDATE

Event: TTT: Pesky Hobbits & The Precious Tekken Treasure Trove

A copy of The Hobbit board game, Physical Cards for Tekken Card Tournament & Tekken Tag Tournament 2 all to be won at this week’s Table Top Tuesday at Loading!

Event: TTT: Tekken Card Tournament & Help Design BRB The Board Game!

This week’s Table Top Tuesday at Loading, Soho, London, Big Red Barrel is mixing things up a little.

First Ever BRB T-shirt Selling Fast!

Fresh from our recent success at our Faster Than Life event at the Scottish Car Show we are pleased to announce that our Faster Than Life T-shirt will be available to buy at the Loading Bar for a limited time.

Table Top Tuesday 25/07/13 – Round-up

Last Tuesday marked the continuation of our regular Table Top Tuesday night at MADD/Loading in Soho, London. We dragged Jon all the way back from Glasgow to mark the occasion.

Event – Batman: Arkham City Escape – The After Shots

On the 16th of July, Big Red Barrel moseyed on down to Loading/MADD in Soho, London to head up the second of it’s on going Table Top Tuesday series of board game themed nights.

BRB UK 54: Army of Euphemisms

Pip pip! The BRB UK crew are back in full force, thanks to our resident Scot taking a break from counting Murray Mints, to take on a jam-packed wodge of gaming news.

Loading Bar Creates a Liquid Tribute to Solid Snake


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