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BRB UK 530: More VR Hype!

Are you ready to go all Lawnmower Man with PSVR 2? Not long to go now

FIFA 19 – The Journey: Champions Trailer

Everybody’s favourite fictional footballer, Alex Hunter returns for FIFA 19‘s latest story mode and now he’s not alone. Joined by the new playable characters of Kim Hunter and Danny Williams, you can play through the UEFA Champions League and FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019. The Journey: Champions is included in FIFA 19 and will be available for PlayStation […]

BRB @ EGX: Preview: FIFA 14 – Xbox 360 vs. Xbox One

As one of the few games available across multiple generations at Eurogamer Expo, FIFA 14 was the perfect opportunity to compare the two versions side by side.

SSX Review

It’s snow joke that everything new about this game is on very thin ice, but it’s redeemed by classic gameplay that’s still brrrrrilliant. But is SSX better than that awful joke? Read our verdict.

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