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BRB UK 562: Ooo… Slim

Wait? It’s not Friday? Looks like you’re getting an early show this week

BRB UK 560: CyberHunks

Idris Elba joins Keanu Reeves in Night City for Cyberpunk’s steamiest adventure yet

BRB UK 508: Bringin’ Out the Big Guns

We need guns… lots of guns

BRB UK 507: PikKin?

Or should that be TinyMin? We can never be sure when it comes to creating a portmanteau

BRB UK 478: Analitics

Hey, The King of Fighters series is just Street Fighter for rich kids… pass it on

BRB UK 456: Cat vs Xbox

On one hand, we like Cats but on the other, we like Xbox… but which is better?

BRB UK 447: Console Huntin’

When your games are old but they still look good… who ya gonna call? CONSOLE HUNTERS!

BRB UK 421: Best of a Bad Situation

2020 has been a weird old year but at least we’ve had some great games to play

BRB UK 420: Deckheads

Got some special episodes lined up over the holidays and first up, let’s talk about Cyberpunk 2077

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