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The Fall of Duty

Tim has concerns and apathy regarding this year’s Call of Duty.

The First Person Shooter Renaissance

Gamers have been hoping for first person shooter innovation for some time now. It’s here.

WIN!! A Next-Gen Copy of Call of Duty:Ghosts Thanks to

Yes, once again we are partnering with to bring you one of the biggest games of the year and this time it is also our first ever next-gen contest!

Microsoft @ gamescom

So gamescom has arrived and brought with it a veritable barrel full of news about next-gen consoles and games. First of these was Microsoft’s press conference.

Eaten by a Polar Bear: CoD – Black Ops Declassified Should Have Stayed Classified

Many of us are suffering from CoD fatigue these days, but there’s no denying a lot of people would love to finally have a AAA blockbuster FPS on their Vita.

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