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Everyday I’m Shuffling

Monsters of the horror genre have had a makeover in the last decade or so. Sexy vampires like the ones we seen in Interview With A Vampire have been replaced with sparkly vampires with real makeup issues.

BRB UK 4: Idiotsyncrasies

Pip-pip! It’s time for another steaming heap of Britishness to be delivered straight to your lug holes, so join Dan, Jon and Tim for yet another episode of BRB UK. Cravats and monocles are optional, but will give rise to a superior listening experience.

Binary Domain Review

If Binary Domain is to be believed, 2080 will see the unveiling of some robot-building evil mastermind that has been plotting the potential downfall of humanity for some time. The truth is revealed when a disgruntled humanoid discovers …

The Big Red Ramble: Binary Domain

Kev, Mat and Tim are here to introduce you to a game that doesn’t really have a clue what it is, and that’s the best part!

BRBTV: Weekly Wrap-Up Feb 13th – 19th, 2012

Miss any BRBTV content this week? This is the place to find it! Have a look at the trailers, rambles and features handcrafted by, erm, hand by the great and the good at BigRedBarrel TV!

Trailer: Binary Domain – Slum Kids

After fighting their way into the rain soaked underground of Tokyo, Binary Domain’s protagonists, Dan and Big Bo’, find that the human struggle isn’t just in their fight against the machines. This latest trailer from Sega’s latest 3rd person shooter is a cutscene direct from the game’s campaign.

Big Red Replay: Binary Domain Trailer

Dave, Tim and Alex are here to walk you through this trailer for the upcoming sci-fi shooter from Sega.

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