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BRB UK 82: Episode 81 Part II

We’re back! Excitement! Console launches! PlayStation 4! Dan! Tim! Also, Jon.

Big Red Ramble: Battlefield 4 (Open Beta)

Finally we are a threesome again! And this week we played Battlefield 4’s open beta. And I could not have played ANY WORSE. …Hilarity ensues.

BRB UK 76: When I Was At E3…

The BRB UK boys are back from this year’s Eurogamer Expo, H1Nerd1 duly in tow, and are positively brimming with excitement at all the next-gen goodness they managed to get their hands on.

This Is Battlefield 4 Multiplayer

In case you didn’t know what multiplayer in Battlefield 4 was going to be about, here’s a quick summary.

EA @ gamescom

As the biggest games publisher around, EA looked ready to take on the next generation of consoles by the horns at the end of E3, so what could they possibly have planned for gamescom?

Battlefield 4 – Levolution Features Trailer

Levolution provides a way to make no two matches feel the same, with the ability to create shortcuts, distractions, fortifications and huge set pieces that deliver a truly dynamic gameplay experience.

Preview: Battlefield 4 Commander Mode

Through some sheer luck on my part I was able to try out the commander mode for Battlefield 4 on the awesome setup available at E3. I am ecstatic that this mode is back!

Microsoft E3 2013 News Roundup

Microsoft’s E3 press conference has just wrapped up – here’s what you might have missed.

Big Red Barrelcast 5: Fully Destructible

With new releases and GDC, the Big Red Barrelcast has lots of rich buttery topics to discuss this week!

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