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BRB UK 553: Pik it Up

Hey look, Nintendo’s done a thing everybody. Let’s all look at the think what they did

BRB UK 551: Absolute Stonker!

It’s raining Dinosaurs… Hallelujah, It’s a raining Dinosaurs…Amen

BRB UK 499: Live or Live?

No no no no no! It’s not pronounced Live A Live, it’s of course Live A Live

BRB UK 447: Console Huntin’

When your games are old but they still look good… who ya gonna call? CONSOLE HUNTERS!

BRB UK 360: Timely Red Ring Joke

Borderlands 3, Gears 5 and Ghost Recon Breakpoint… those are video games and this is a Podcast

BRB UK 359: Stupid Sexy Sanders

Oh sexy Sanders, why must you look at me with those beautiful come-to-bed anime eyes?

BRB UK 354: Tim Goes to Hell

When Coleman’s away, the Mice will play – and by Mice we mean Dan and Tim… and by play we mean talk about video games

BRB UK 342: Vamime

Our boyfriend’s back and your gonna be in trouble, (hey now, hey now our boyfriend’s back)… we’ve missed Tim guys

11–11 Memories Retold Developer Interview

Tim got the chance to discuss 11-11 Memories Retold with the developers of the game.

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