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Gaming For Good – Awesomenauts Being Awesome

Ronimo Games are giving all revenue generated by their awesome Private Mels DLC from their awesome 2D battle arena title, Awesomenauts to the Make-a-Wish Foundation… awesome.

Awesomenauts – Celebrating One Year of Awesomenauts

Awesomenauts is one and, in lieu of a cake, they’ve kindly provided us with this video showing how the game’s developed since it’s inception. I’m just happy to have listened to the Awesomenauts theme again, it’s awesome and that’s naut a lie.

Trailer: Awesomenauts – Coming to PC!

Romino Games announced that Awsomenauts will soon be coming to PC via Steam, and later on Mac. Needless to say, this news is…. awesome! Jon reviewed the console version a while back, have a look at what he had to say about it.

Awesomenauts Review

Cue the silhouette of six zany, ice-cold creatures looking cool for the camera as the high-pitched theme song singers wail “Awesome!” over the montage. And then everything explodes.

BRB UK 13: Triskaidekaphobianauts

It’s the lucky 13th episode of BRB UK, so Dan, Jon and Tim are very superstitious and have noted that not only is the writing on the wall, a ladder’s also about to fall. So join your favourite blathering Brits for another episode!

Right now it’s Left Up to Downloads

With a variety of vibrant distribution platforms – and with Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network really hitting their stride – it’s a good time to be a downloadable game developer. But is it a good time to be a gamer?

Interview: Awesomenauts

As Awesomenauts is only days away from release on PS3 and 360 I took the opportunity to catch up with Jasper Koning and Robin Meijer from Ronimo Games; fortunately, they were awesome enough to respond.

Awesomenauts – Awesome Speed Paint

Having played through Awesomenauts, I can officially declare that it is indeed as awesome as it’s name would imply. It’s a 3-0n-3 crazy cartoon of a 2D MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) coming out later this year for XBLA and PSN. Keep an eye out for more details of the game soon but for now […]

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