E3 2018 Press Conference Predictions

With the start of E3 2018 mere days away, speculation and hype are rife. Like many of you, we will be watching this year’s press conferences (yes, even the early morning ones) with anticipation for the next big thing to drop. Will the Switch continue to grow its impressive line of exclusives? Will Xbox be able to entice back gamers with new exclusives? Will Sony mention the Vita even once!?

EA (9th June, 19:00)

Josh – I expect to see more of Battlefield V and Anthem but I also think we could see the next Titanfall (maybe Titanfall 3: The Search for BT). My main hope and dream for EA though is Battlefield Bad Company 3. Come on EA, it’s been 8 years! I’ve waited long enough!

Tim – EA will deliberately mention a general absence of loot boxes but will still have FUT (FIFA Ultimate Team) content for FIFA. Anthem could fly in and save the day though!

Diarmuid – We all know they will waste time on their sports franchises as they are what keep the company profitable but I do hope they deep dive on Anthem and sell me on their vision.

XBOX (10th June, 21:00)

Tim – Here are all our console only exclusives!! *tumbleweed rolls across the stage*

PacManPolarBearHalo 6 will be announced with a teaser trailer that shows off nothing. How can there not be? Also, there could be a Blue Dragon sequel… maybe? Phil Spencer has been spouting a bunch of corporate speak about supporting Japanese games this year and Microsoft does still have the rights. Plus, Blue Dragon has a legacy as one of the few quality exclusive JRPGs to ever appear on the Xbox so it makes sense.

JoshForza Horizon 4 will obviously make an appearance and Halo 6 is quite likely to appear. I would like to see a Halo Reach Remaster or an ODST 2 announced too.

Diarmuid – At this stage in the generation, I’m not sure what Microsoft could announce that would entice me to pick up an Xbox. I do like their more consumer-friendly moves recently so hopefully, that continues. If Conker appears even once though, I’m switching off!

BETHESDA (11th June, 02:30)

Diarmuid – While I’m interested to see more from RAGE 2 (a game I still cannot believe exists), I really want to see Bethesda tackle a new IP. I have never been interested in Elder Scrolls or Fallout so something new could pique my interest.

Josh – I guess now might be the time for a Doom 2/6 reveal (whichever number they are going with).

Tim – Hopefully RAGE 2 won’t make everyone’s eyes bleed so that they can still see the details of Fallout 76. Despite already telling us a lot I expect a “one more thing” with another fan-serving game announcement. I am most keen to see what they might bring to PlayStation VR this year.

SQUARE ENIX (11th June, 18:00)

JoshShadow of the Tomb Raider seems like a sure bet for this press conference.

Tim – I’m really keen to hear more details on the Marvel project from Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal.

Diarmuid – Personally, Kingdom Hearts III may be my most anticipated game at this press conference. I love the aesthetic, characters and combat so hopefully, it meets expectations.

UBISOFT (11th June, 21:00)

Tim – If everything hasn’t leaked before the press conference then I will be most interested to see if Sam Fisher will be sneaking out of the shadows.

Diarmuid – Ubisoft need to show us more of Beyond Good and Evil 2 and a release date is also required. Give it to me, Ubi!

Josh – I expect to see a lot more of The Division 2. An announcement of a Rainbow Six sequel or Watch_Dogs 3 would also be welcome, but a new Splinter Cell or Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X 3 would be my dream.

PC GAMING SHOW (11th June, 23:00)

Diarmuid – I don’t know. PUBG 2?

JoshLeft for Dead 3?

Tim – Political Correctness is having a press conference? Has someone told the gamergaters?

PLAYSTATION (12th June, 02:00)

Diarmuid – As we already know most of what the conference will cover, I do hope they leave room for a few surprises. Crash Team Racing will return!

Tim – Odd that they chose to say that they will be concentrating on just four games but very eager to hear more details on Ghosts of Tsushima. It wouldn’t be a PlayStation press conference without a montage or seven though! Hope for some solid PSVR news.

PacManPolarBear – I’m positive that The Last of Us: Part 2 will get a chunk of the spotlight again this year. We’ll get a release date and maybe, just maybe, some actual gameplay footage. Sony will make a big deal out of nabbing a timed exclusive content deal for Red Dead Redemption 2. It’s not much of a prediction since that news has leaked already. Still, Sony has not confirmed it 100% but I’d be surprised if RDR2 did not show up during the Sony presser in the form of gameplay footage alongside details of their timed exclusive content.

JoshSpiderman, Red Dead Redemption 2 and Black Ops 4 are locks for the conference, but I hope to see some Destiny 2: Forsaken and maybe an Infamous 3 announcement too. My dream conference would include the announcement of a Modern Warfare 2 remaster (I don’t care if it is just campaign, I want it).

NINTENDO (12th June, 17:00)

Diarmuid – Give me Metroid Reggie!

Josh – At this stage, Fortnite on Switch is almost guaranteed but I can also see them announcing a new Mario title for this year.

Tim – If Ninty announces a Luigi’s Mansion 1/2/3 for Switch, I may be so excited that I have to buy another Switch!

PacManPolarBear – I think it is more than likely Nintendo will show off a trailer for Bayonetta 3. While the first game was a multi-platform title, Bayonetta 2 remains a Nintendo exclusive and the release of the first two games earlier this year on the Switch made a lot of fans very happy. I’m 80% certain that everyone’s favourite gun-heeled vixen will make an appearance. I think Nintendo will put up a very short teaser trailer for the new core Pokemon RPG slated for 2019. I doubt we’ll get any more than that until after Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee are released.

What do you expect to see? Let us know below.

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