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StrangePlay: Never Alone Part 4

Join Rik and Elliott as they play the wonderful Never Alone on PlayStation 4. Click to Subscribe ►

Aquanox Deep Descent – Gameplay Trailer

Aquanox Deep Descent is a first person underwater vehicle shooter, in which players control a variety of customisable ships to engage in fierce battles in the dystopian deep sea world of Aqua. The game will be available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Cookies & Booze: Mass Effect Andromeda – Part 3

Originally aired on 13/08/2017 In this episode of Cookies & Booze, Julia and Alex forget how to fight (it’s embarrassing, really), change the weather on a planet (that’s pretty impressive) and have some intimacy with rocks, following which they set themselves on fire. It is a normal day in Cookies & Booze towers, really. Watch […]

Tekken 7 – Ultimate Tekken Bowl

Tekken 7‘s next update includes the return of Ultimate Tekken Bowl. Also, as part of DLC #1, other notable items include: Blood Vengeance School Uniforms for Xiaoyu & Alisa. Swimsuits for all female fighters. Vintage 1920’s bathing suits. Idol Master themed outfits for all female fighters. Traditional Japanese Fundoshi for all male fighters.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm – An Open Letter

In Life is Strange: Before the Storm, the bond that Chloe and Rachel develop over the time they spend together is something special. To celebrate the release of Episode One, the team behind the game invited a small group of real people to write an open letter to that special person in their own life. Episode […]

StrangePlay: Mages of Mystralia Part 2

Join Rik and Elliott as they play the colourful Mages of Mystraliaon the PlayStation 4. Click to Subscribe ►

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 – Teaser Trailer

Independent developer Fatshark have announced a sequel to Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide. The first game sold well enough that the Swedish team have decided to have another go with Warhammer: Vermintide 2. The game is making its way to PC as well as consoles with a full reveal on 17th October.

Lost Sphear – Welcome to the World of Lost Sphear

A new trailer for Lost Sphear has been released by Square Enix, showing an in-depth look at the game-play you can expect to experience in the game. It features nostalgia-inspired battles as well as the mighty Vulcosuit, a mechanised suit of armour which enhances the abilities and strength of Kanata and his companions both in […]

Review: Super Robot Mayhem Issue #1

Richard takes a look at giant robot sci-fi comic Super Robot Mayhem, from Subversive Comics.

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