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StrangePlay: Costume Quest Grubbins on Ice – Part 2

Join us as we play through the quirky DLC for Costume Quest on Xbox 360. In this episode we re-imagine board games and forget how to speak proper. Also we get a new costume! Click to Subscribe ►

Dice Hard: Lords of Vegas (Board Game Review)

Welcome to Dice Hard, the tabletop and board game review show. In today’s video, Christian takes a look at Lords of Vegas. Click to Subscribe ►

Review: Amnesia Collection

Halloween may have come and gone, but why not treat yourself to some more scares with the Amnesia Collection?

BRB UK 220: The Titanic of Podcasts

Tim is joined by Diarmuid & Josh this week to talk Moto Racer 4, Battlefield 1, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes & Overcooked

StrangePlay: Costume Quest Grubbins on Ice – Part 1

Join us as we play through the quirky DLC for Costume Quest on Xbox 360. In this episode, we discuss the lyrical content of an old Bare Naked Ladies song and fondly remember Love Actually. We should probably be focusing on the mission at hand, but talking rubbish is what we do best. Click to Subscribe […]

Geek Speak 67: Fantastic Butts

Lauren, Alex and Ness chat about Lagoon, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Star Wars: Battle Pods and more.

World of Tanks – Back In Black

In spite of our best efforts, Black Friday is a thing that is happening in the UK. This means that there are discounts, sales and special bundles across a range of Wargaming titles. The deals include a number of vehicles getting stick, stylish black versions, as seen above, and a discount on the Waving the Flag and Berlin […]

Steins;Gate 0 – Launch Trailer

Despite having a zero in the name, Steins;Gate 0 is actually a sequel to the original Steins;Gate. The game is a visual novel following genius scientist Okabe Rintaro who is unable to save the one he loves. This kick-starts a parallel universe where World War III and humanity’s destruction are very real dangers. Steins;Gate 0 is available for PlayStation […]

Review: Moto Racer 4

Moto Racer 4 is a fun, arcade racer that lacks some polish, especially with regards to its VR implementation.

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