Geek Speak 32: Wolume?

Happy Birthday Geek Speak! Multi Ani Traiasca Geek Speak! Joyeux Anniversaire Geek Speak! Penblwydd Hapus Geek Speak! С Днем Рождения Гик Спик!

…and that’s all languages we can speak, so there you go.

Today marks a whole year that we have been rambling in your ear holes, isn’t that crazy? Thank you for listening to us all this time if you’re a loyal listener, and if this is your first episode – you have chosen a weird show, enjoy.

Please join Lauren, Monica and Alex once again (or maybe for the first time) as they ramble about geeky things they have seen, played and done, including:

  • Time-Water of the Week: Comicstorian summarises comic stories for you!
  • Lauren and Alex have seen Deadpool
  • Mon played Final Fantasy Explorers
  • We also talked Borderlands 2

As this is our birthday and cake doesn’t travel well through the interwebs, we have a couple of prizes to give out for our lovely listeners. Each Geek Speak host chose their own prize to give out. To win, you need to answer the following questions:

  • Mon’s question –  Mon once told a game developer, that she loves their game because she used to watch her mom play it. Who was the game developer and what was the game? (prize: drawing of your avatar)
  • Alex’s question – Alex swears in Russian only in very special occasions. In what episode and why did Alex swear in Russian? (prize: 3 Volumes of The Walked Dead comic)
  • Lauren’s question – Lauren bought something from IKEA that she named after a game developer. What is it and which game developer was it named after? (prize: SURPRISE!)

Feel free to answer questions creatively, we will be choosing winners for our own questions. Please post your answers on the forum thread below before 29th of February 12am GMT. You can answer all questions or just the questions for the prizes you fancy! If you want to hide your answers, you can use spoiler tags [spoiler*] ANSWER [\spoiler*] without the asterisks.

Also thank you to everyone who sent in their questions. We are doing listeners’ question special episode 33, so keep the questions coming, we love them!

Thanks you lovely Geek Peeps for giving our little show a listen, we really appreciate it. Did you know that you can keep up to date with all of our butt-related audio by clicking HERE to download the show in a lovely MP3 format? You can also subscribe via iTunes, RSS feed or Stitcher and get all our new shows delivered automatically as they’re released.

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  1. Ceasis_

    Merry birthdays to all! 3 days late due to real life sadly but never the less! Great show ladies as always ^_^ if I answer your questions, I’m going with wrong but entertaining answers just for hell of it *evil laughter*

  2. King William of Butt-topia

    Has it really been a year already? Wow. Congrats, guys!

    Lauren – It’s lucky that I follow her on Twitter and she purchased an unusual mackerel cushion. So unless there’s a Mackerel Michael I don’t know about, I’m guessing she named it after Fez developer Phil Fish.
    Monica – Mon met the awesome John Remedy, co-create of Doom! And other equality sweet titles. She says she probably made him feel old, but he is nearly fifty so…
    Alex – She swore lots over the Dragon Age DLC Trespasser. Now I’m not really sure why she was so mad over it but I’m guessing it was something to do with the lack of Solas’s butt.

    Keep up the good work!

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