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Star Wars Battlefront – Battle of Jakku Reveal Trailer

Star Wars Battlefront has divided opinion since its release, largely down to the amount of content included. Well, we now have our first look at the first batch of additional DLC, in the Battle of Jakku reveal trailer. The content looks spectacular and launches tomorrow.

Mighty No. 9 – ‘Bring it’ Trailer

A new trailer has dropped for Mighty No. 9 – reminding me and everyone else that it still does not exist as a game we can buy and play. Regardless, the trailer is a fun look at what we will get when the game launches on 12th February.

Big Red Buddies – Star Wars Battlefront

Dave and Kev are taking a week away from the Master Chief’s melodrama this week to indulge in some Star Warsing.

The Misadventures of Johnny Assface (A Fallout 4 Story) – Part 5

In this episode, Johnny Assface gets to know his newest companion, Shaunrilla, and spends a not-insignificant amount of time looking for a police station in the wrong town.

Review: Kill Shot Bravo

Billed as the premier first person competitive shooter on mobile devices, Hothead Games have high hopes for their latest game, Kill Shot Bravo.

BRB UK 171: Honster Munter & Frattle Bunt

What ho dear listener, the Big Red Barrel UK Podcast Team are here to chew gum and talk video games (and guess what… they’re all out of gum).

Geek Speak 22: Shooting First in My Pants

Hello! The new episode of BRB Gpeak Speak is here! Please join Lauren, Diarmuid and Alex as they geek out about their latest obsessions.

The Misadventures of Johnny Assface (A Fallout 4 Story) – Part 4

Okay listen, I’ll be the first to admit I’ve gone a bit overboard on mods, but in my defense Johnny Assface is now more ridiculous than ever.

The Misadventures of Johnny Assface (A Fallout 4 Story) – Part 3

Is a car manufacturing plant still a car manufacturing plant if there are no cars being manufactured? This sounds like a question only Johnny Assface can answer!

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