BRB UK 163: Things Not to Google

Hello there listeners, how’ve you been? Love what you’ve done with your hair. Looks like Team BRB UK is down a Tim once again but is it to the dreaded EGX plague or maybe another event? Well it’s still business as usual for Dan & Coleman, meaning  that they need to light the Barrel Signal and call upon the powers of the mighty Diarmuid.

So pour yourself a cup of tea, make your way to the porcelain throne and listen to the following topics:

  • Game are selling cheap VR headsets
  • BioWare creating a Mass Effect theme park ride
  • Gran Turismo 6 to get a course creator a  pp
  • Twisted Pixel break away from Microsoft
  • Deus Ex: Mankind Divided pre-order promotion canceled
  • Activision pull a dumb PR stunt
  • Star Wars: Battlefront open beta details
  • Dan talks Destiny (of course)
  • Coleman gets his hands on Guitar Hero: Live & Rock Band 4
  • Diarmuid does Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
  • Rainbow Six: Siege Beta impressions

We appreciate you chaps taking time out of your week to listen to our show.  For your convenience, you can simply download the MP3 by clicking HERE or you can subscribe via iTunes, RSS or Stitcher and stay up to date.

As well as being a super nice guy from, Diarmuid has his own Podcast you should listen to called SpoilSports. We’d love it if you went and gave that a listen too.

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  1. Ridcullys Hat

    Well this episode descended into insanity quickly. Funny as all heck but mad in a lot of places. In colemans defense, I haven’t finished ME3 yet. Not that I don’t want to but I have the attention span of a squirrel with ADHD on caffeine plus children and friends who only want to play destiny or multiplayer games. ? MGS5 is currently on the back burner and my pile of shame keeps growing and will continue to grow if I don’t stop playing the gamer crack that is destiny. Anyone recommend a good anti addiction service for gamers?

  2. Ridcullys Hat

    Can I just say that every time I hear the phrase ‘endless corridor of thrusting dildos’ it reminds me of the controversial anime Legend of the overfiend’.

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