BRB UK 150: Juggernog Edition!

It’s a big old celebratory time for us as the Big Red Barrel UK Podcast has hit it’s 150th episode! That’s right dear listeners, after 150 episodes and more than 3 years of putting up with whatever incarnation of Team BRB UK (not to mention OHMSS & SGUK before it) has been thrown your way, you’re still listening… and for this we’d like to thank you.

So in this monster episode of BRB UK, we decided to go a little crazy and attempt a 5-man show – which as you can imagine was about as successful as gifting a toddler a drum kit with a 6-pack of monster.

So get ready as Dan, Tim, Coleman, Jon and Kev all try get a word in edgeways about the following topics:

  • Destiny‘s Big Red Bulls up
  • Brady heads over to Rushdown for a bit of Street Fighter V
  • Upcoming special edition game packages:
    • Run around Mirror’s Edge with your temporary tattoo
    • Navigate Just Cause 3 with a rubbish grappling hook
    • Jump into Call of Duty: Black Ops III with a fridge
  • Does Minecraft: Story Mode look any good?
  • Dan tries out Elite: Dangerous’ Xbox One Game Preview
  • Tim gets ethical with Fallout Shelter
  • More Yoshi’s Woolly World and Batman: Arkham Knight

We appreciate you chaps taking time out of your week to listen to our show.  For your convenience, you can simply download the MP3 by clicking HERE or you can subscribe via iTunes, RSS or Zune and stay up to date.


By the way dear listeners, below is a photo taken by Mr Jon Brady of the internet whilst attending Rushdown in Edinburgh. We’re going to be giving out prizes to the best caption of this image.

Rushdow Reaction

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  1. WarMachine

    You Juggernog’s make a spiffingly fantastic podcasting team! this was a hilairious and fittingly epic 150th episode great job chaps 😀

  2. spikeychris

    Caption for the photo: The Jon Brady goatie appreciation society

  3. Rommie

    This was a hilarious podcast gentlemen, very good job

  4. CloudStyle

    Thanks for the fantastic Episode chaps, not the best idea to listen to this at work though, the amount of times people stared at me like I was some kind of Juggernog for random laughter was getting out of hand! Looking forward to the next 150!

    Caption: The crowd rejoices as Gingers are finally reinstated soul status.

  5. Ricardo Kirkabon


    Hope I got this comment in under the wire. Seems I have only just had time to finish listening to this it’s such a Juggernog of an episode. 

    I think you all rather lost focus with this one…

    To calm yourselves down, you could always read my article about Astro City by clicking here


  6. stingo

    Congrats on 150 juggernogging episodes!


    Edited to add: Sounds like Dan created his own version of Craster’s Keep in his fallout shelter.

  7. Aurochs

    We did it brb! We #BroughtBackBrady! Good to have an actual BRB UK episode again rather than BRB London tongue

    This was a really good episode chaps, thanks for it and all of those in the past. Here’s to many more! Started listening to this at work, but that turned out to be a bad idea… too much laughter. The whole juggernog was a bit embarrassing.

  8. Ricardo Kirkabon

    Caption Competition Entry:

    Rushdow ReactionImage Enlarger

    As the BRB podcast recording entered it’s third day, a crowd had begun to form. Then Tim defended RYSE again.

  9. stingo

    Not a caption – but I strongly suspect the dude on the left is a version of Coleman’s O face when a new amiibo is announced. It’s also no coincidence that his right arm and crotch are not in the picture (thank God).

  10. Andystrev

    Great podcast and well done for the big 150

    Here is my entry to the caption contest:


    “The winners of this years ‘cum-face’ awards”

    Rushdow ReactionImage Enlarger

  11. Red_Dwarf_Posse

    Rushdow ReactionImage Enlarger

    The #BringBackBrady campaign kicks in to overdrive as supporters flock to Dan’s Ping Pong marathon against Sticky Vicky to raise awareness.

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