Big Red Barrelcast 94: Ain’t Got Time To Bleed

The Big Red Barrelcast returns to tickle your eardrums with their ramblings! On this week’s episode, Kev and Dave blabber on about Rocket League, EVO2015 and Tony Hawk.

This time, they pontificate about:

  • Rocket League
  • Baseball
  • Godzilla
  • Evo2015 highlights
  • Arkham Knight patch inbound
  • Prototype remastered
  • RIP Iwata
  • Starcraft
  • Comic-Con
  • Tony Hawk 5
  • Shout outs
  • Bonus content for our lovely app owners

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  1. Great show guys happy

    I also downloaded Rampage and Mortal Kombat 2 when they first came to the PS3 happy

    And I loved all of the Conflict games, but I agree Denied Ops was pretty terrible.  My main memory of the Conflict games was how scary the tanks were.  When playing 4 player coop with my mates years ago I spotted a tank, so everyone hits the deck.  I then pop my head up and fire a rocket at it (which were in limited supply).  Tank not dead.  Repeat.  Tank still not dead.  Fire last rocket.  Tank still lives.  WHY WON’T THIS TANK DIE! I take a proper look.  I was a skip…  Ooops.  And round the corner there’s an actual tank, and now we have no rockets. shock

  2. spikeychris

    How can’t kev like Infamous that game was absolutely awesome.  I also can’t understand how someone can’t like the last of us it has the best story arc of any video game ever and while the shooting mechanics are a bit clunky they are deliberately clunky the character you are playing is just some random guy as you progress through the game and put your stat points into weapon control then the weapon handling gets better as you character is progressing.

  3. stingo

    Gotta give Kev credit for standing up for Tony Hawk. Not my sort of game, but I admire his defense of it.

  4. angry jock

    I have to say Re Tony hawk that I’m quite excited I fell sway from the series just after number three I welcome to move back to it I have no problem with the graphics or style of the game I have only two concerns the price tag and the team behind being the same team who bundled the download only hd Tony hawk game and they are using same game engine to build this so if we’re just getting a larger more expensive version of that then I think I just talked myself out of it oh well it’ll be cheap one day

  5. zombiesauerkraut

    I’m with Pacman on racers and steering wheels. If we can agree that an Xbox or PlayStation controller is objectively better than a Wiimote, then we have to agree that a wheel is objectively better than a tiny thumb stick for playing racers.

    Also, absolutely fascinating and relevant to hear that the New Horizons probe is guided by the original PlayStation processor. Nice one Pacman, seems some people just have an aversion to learning 😉

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