BRB UK 117: Isolated Alien Producer

This week Tim is joined by Chris “Fake Dan” Coleman and also joined by, friend of the show, returning extra special guest, Oli “I just made Alien Isolation” Smith. We then go on to burble on about…

  • Update Update – The Xbox One October Update
  • The crazy, expensive gaming period of madness known as November
  • Driveclub
  • More(dor) Shadows of Mordor
  • Super Smash Bros. on 3DS
  • Frozen Synapse Prime
  • Post-release discussion of Alien Isolation

We also then go on to talk about the Tabletop Tuesday Halloween Special (which has already happened) and Extra Life 2014 (which has also already happened but as I’m now doing my 24 hours on Saturday 1st November, so feel free to tune in and donate where you can please!)

Note that we should have a Big announcement to make regarding the future of BRB UK next week. Mostly good news and should ensure that we get these episodes out in a more timely fashion going forward.

We appreciate you chaps taking time out of your week to listen to our show.  For your convenience, you can simply download the MP3 by clicking HERE or you can subscribe via iTunes, RSS or Zune and stay up to date.

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  1. Ridcullys Hat

    Awesome show guys. Love the alien isolation talk and I also revisited the movies and am currently stuck in the medical bay bit as the damned alien keeps putting holes in my head among other deaths. My god is that game scary.

  2. Ridcullys Hat

    I wouldn’t mind a wiiU but I want the bone first. The other half loves Nintendo so probably get one in the first half of 2015. Probably when they announce the next console. Only really want smash bros’ personally as well as Mario kart. Seeing as their games seem more niche these days and almost completely bonkers in the usual Nintendo way. Which reminds me, I must finish Pokémon and luigis mansion.

  3. Ridcullys Hat

    Its great to be among you awesome chaps again mr Hibbs. Forgot about bayonetta 2 there. It does seem to be getting some excellent exclusives but it does seem to be a very specific market that Nintendo are catering to. I love Nintendo and have done for years and was one if the 5 people that had a GameCube and we all know what happened there. They still can’t shake off the ‘kids toy’ aesthetic they have been lumbered with but with that being said, the games are mostly pure quality. The one thing I really wish they would do properly is make a fully console version of Pokémon. I mean proper, not the coliseum rubbish they tend to churn out purely for the money. I think that would sell consoles. Having Mario is one thing but the fact that Pokémon helped sell more 3ds systems surely tells their bank accounts that a proper full console game is a good idea? I have no idea what their business model is but they don’t seem to be thinking entirely clearly. I will probably get one eventually but the games they have out aren’t enough to justify it. That being said, I have had my eye on a neo geo for months. Its one of those things I’ve always wanted and never owned. Purely as when I was younger, you needed to mortgage a family member to own one and have at least one game! Now they are next to nothing in some places. Unless you want that 20th anniversary machine. The gold or whatever it was called.

  4. Ridcullys Hat

    A neo geo would be something I would get if I had the expendable income and room (or decent hiding spot). WiiU will almost definitely be the new year I believe. The missus loves Mario and so does eldest daughter. Youngest girl would love the game pad as she never gets a look in on the tablets in the house (and it never hurts to get them gaming at 3 years old. She loves her mickey mouse game). The boy would benefit from a kinect due to his mobility and dexterity issues plus he could change the tv and stuff with his voice (if it works) plus the games may be more suitable to his needs. If they had proper educational games he would play them for hours. The tablets get battered with the cbeebies app! Plus there is only so much mr tumble a parent can take in 2 hours!

  5. Mau

    Hi Tim! I listened to this, and it was good, so your own-podcast plug the other night is approved 😀

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