Big Red Barrelcast 60: What The Hell Happened?

The Big Red Barrelcast returns to tickle your ear drums with their ramblings! On this week’s episode, Kev and Dave are joined by Yoshifett to blabber on about Apples, Destiny and The World Cup.

This time, they pontificate about:

  • Destiny
  • Great FPS campaigns
  • The Order
  • New Doom
  • DOTA
  • The World Cup
  • Shout outs
  • Bonus content for our lovely app owners

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  1. Rommie

    Good show guys. All this Destiny talk on the media makes me think it might be time to get a Playstation again.
    Kev, if you’re interested, I could help you out with getting into Dota. I’ve been playing since its days as a Warcraft III mod.

  2. Zombellic

    1st (edit: dammit someone snuck in whilst I was typing)

    I’m only at the intro but had the urge to share something. I love love love the intro song, I usually listen to all my casts at 1.5 speed just so I have enough time to consume them all.

    Today I decide to play the intro at 1 speed and I have to say I think the intro is way better played at a higher tempo.

  3. You may say disparaging things about Naughty Gods (not a typo) and their games, but I pity the fool who says anything bad about rugby!






  4. Josh

    Speaking as a rugby player… I have no problem with American football… I actually have quite a bit of respect for them, the pads don’t really change anything apart from the force you can hit and get hit. In rugby we don’t wear pads but it’s near-impossible to hit with the same amount of force that as a football player in pads (it’s a mental thing).

    As for the correct way to spell beta… I interchange it because I spend a lot of time talking to Americans and Canadians online.

  5. Zombellic

    What I find strange about NFL is how few games and minutes they play a season. A soccer player who plays most games for his team can play the same minutes per season as an NFL player plays in a decade.

    We’re used to football being played for 10-11 months a year each team often playing twice a week over multiple tournaments .

  6. MrLovePump

    I enjoyed destiny (When I could get people to play with me) but I do worry, from what  I have seen of the missions so far that it suffers from the old FPS mission types.

    There seem to be two.


    1) Invade a location and kill everything inside until you get to a target.

    2) Invade a location and kill everything inside until you get to a target. Then fight off hoards of baddies while the flying football (Soccorball) thing hacks or performs similar routine on something.

  7. KidGreengene

    Great to hear the Fett’s represent!

    I have learned that the things I love about ND games are the things that Kev dislikes about them (minus control issues. Yes they are there but they don’t ruin the game experience for me) so it was good topic this week. I liked Yoshi’s take on it of he loved the experience… doesn’t need to ever play it again. Most story driven games (heck.. most games) are that way with me.

    As for Destiny, I actually see it completely different. Yes, it is touted as Halo meets Borderlands. But the more I played it, the less and less it felt like Borderlands until finally, all it really took was the damage indicators and a much decreased sense of loot. Halo is unmistakable, yes. But Borderlands comparisons are fleeting at best. I got more of a Mass Effect vibe than I did Borderlands.

    I have the same worries as Kev for The Order. I am very hyped for the game as the setting is just fantastic. But I am worried that right in the middle of a hectic action or fight, it will keep pulling me out for a “seamless” 30 seconds then give me control again for another 45 seconds.. rinse, repeat. I don’t want that. But then again, parody is not a good thing and not every game is for everyone. It doesn’t make them bad, just for a different target audience. Best to be great at what you are trying for than average at everything.


  8. stingo

    @Yoshifett – Love in the Time of Cholera is a favorite of mine. I’ve read it a few times so far.

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