BRB Boom 68: Gungan Ganja

It’s time, once again, to put boom in your boom and listen to BRB Boom. This week, Yoshifett and Smelly are joined by Dave to geek out about Waterfalls, hip-hop, Dark Souls, words of the week, gaming vs Netflix, virtual reality, Boom da ratings and whatever random topics our minds can come up with.

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  1. Ploogle


  2. Ploogle said

    Exactly the reaction we were going for.

  3. FireMuncher

    So what’s not gangsta about pottery barn smelly? Huh?

  4. I feel like I won the podcast.

  5. Q-F3ck3r said
    I feel like I won the podcast.

    You did. You clearly did.

  6. zombiesauerkraut

    Dave, next time you say “whore” on the show, could you please do it like Frank from Always Sunny.

    When I had my appendicitis I couldn’t leave the hospital until I’d had a bowel movement. Of course, that was in The Netherlands and the doctors there like to shame you for wasting their time.

    Props to Yoshi for keeping the show going, even when Smelly and/or Dogsdie are injured. Appreciate it. Great show, guys!

  7. FireMuncher

    Me and the Pottery Barn mafia will remember this Smelly. Trust me 50 year old hood rats don’t mess around.  And we don’t cares bout props gramma neither 

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