International Tabletop Day 2014 – Loading Bar

We are very glad that Loading Bar has found a new venue in time for us to host this year’s International Tabletop Day in the new location. We have slightly forced our way in as this will be happening ahead of next week’s official launch but everyone is welcome to come down and join us for some Tabletop action.

Details are below, please take careful note of the new address;


Loading Bar,

97 Stoke Newington Road,


N16 8BX

*Note it currently says “Scenario” Bar on the outside.


Street View


Saturday 5th April 2014, 12 Midday until 8pm.

What’s there to play?

All your favourite board games have made the journey with us to the new venue. A full listing is available on and now includes;

CarcassonneThe ResistanceLove LetterThe Walking Dead Card GameThe Walking Dead: The Board Game7 WondersDixitZombie DiceCarcassonne: Winter EditionKing of TokyoMascaradeThe Settlers of CatanStar Trek: CatanTicket to RideResident Evil Deck Building Game,  HiveForbidden IslandTicket to Ride Map Collection: Volume 2 – India & SwitzerlandThe HobbitMunchkinLegends of the Three KingdomsBatman: Arkham City EscapeSid Meier’s Civilization: The Board GameGears of War: The Board GameBattlestar GalacticaLords of War: Orcs versus DwarvesLords of War: Elves versus LizardmenSnake Oil3012Relic RunnersPandemicStar Wars: The Card GameTakenokoGame of Thrones: The Card GameDiscworld: Ankh-MorporkStar Trek: Attack WingBlood Bowl: Team Manager – The Card GameJungle SpeedChess (Mario and classic sets available), ZombicidePokémon Trading Card GameCoupStory WarDungeon RollDominionWarhammer: DiskwarsHanabiAndroid: NetrunnerWerewolfSopioSomething DifferentGreedy WizardsMonty Python Fluxx – Also recently added – Super Rhino and Rampage.

What’s new?

There are a number of new games that will be available on the day. We may confirm some nearer the time or just save them for a surprise when you turn up!

How much does it cost to play all these great games?

Nothing. Entry is free and you are free to stay as long as you are buying drinks.

Anything special for International Tabletop Day?

As well as a pile of prizes to be won for free, we also have a MONSTER SIZED edition of King of Tokyo to be played on the day. Silly photo posing will also be possible.


Also, please note that for regular attendees of Tabletop Tuesday‘s that TtT will be starting again as of next Tuesday, i.e. 8th April. Hope to see all the old friendly faces, as well as some new young ones too.

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