Big Red Barrelcast 46: Overclocked

The Big Red Barrelcast returns to tickle your ear drums with their ramblings! On this week’s episode, Dave, Pacman and Kev blabber on about Titanfall, Die Hard and Cliffy B. Don’t forget to visit our sponsor Insert Coin Clothing and cover up your nakedness by using discount code BIGREDSAVINGS15 for 15% off your order!

This time, they pontificate about:

  • The Titanfall Beta killed Pacman’s computer
  • Strider
  • Sony’s exclusives
  • House of Cards
  • Free FTL DLC
  • Irrational Games is closing
  • Cliffy B is back!
  • Die Hard
  • Shout outs
  • Some bonus content for our lovely app owners

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  1. Good show guys, and thanks for the shout out.

    I liked how the Big Issue Of The Week went from a kid being blown away because he had a Wiimote to PMPB not liking Jeremy Irons as Simon in Die Hard with a Vengence.

  2. MrLovePump

    Great show as always guys. Made my three and a half mile walk uphill through the Peak District (Place in England.. name says it all, very up and downy) this morning pass all that more quickly!


    I am a day one PS4er having moved over from being an Xboxer since day one of the original big black box and an Xbox Live beta tester. I am so very tempted to pick up an XBO for Titanfall but at the ripe old age of 30 common sense is telling me I cannot justify the purchase. I know for a fact that the xbox will be used for nothing after Titanfall, most likely until the next proper Halo or Fable (if they don’t ruin it going all online and jazzy). The only real justification I have for buying one at the moment is it stops the kids eating into the lifetime of my PS4 by continuously watching Morph on Amazon Prime (I am making the reckless assumption that XBO has Amazon Prime).


    Ah first world problems!

  3. spikeychris

    This may be of interest to people having issues with BF4 on the console.


  4. I’m impressed with the way you handled that shooting story, I’d heard another show talk about it and they just bombed into the most awkward, cringe-worthy piece of audio.

  5. Aurochs

    Cheers for the ep, guys.
    The closing of irrational is a bit harsh, but definitely approve of that more than putting a whole bunch of new people together and calling it the same company. Or even worse things like the whole new Command & Conquer which had the Bioware label slapped on it when, if I remember correctly, only 2 of the dev team had ever worked on previous Bioware titles. :/

  6. lur

    sucks about your comp. although it made me laugh thinking about the situation

  7. Zombellic

    Adam Baldwin was  one of the first accounts I followed on Twitter at first I thought he was parodying being a douche but quickly I realised he was a complet A.Hole.


    Shamed, I thought he was great in FireFly & Chuck now I would avoid any show he appears in.

  8. spikeychris

    After all the titanfall talk this is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen…

  9. MrLovePump

    common sense and logic is dead.


    Titanfall bundle ordered.

  10. Zombellic

    Surprised anyone could hate Die Hard 3 I think it’s most people’s 2nd favorite Die Hard. Personally It’s one of my favorite action flicks.

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