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Final Fantasy: Why Has Lightning Returned?

Final Fantasy XIII is arguably a game without one protagonist; however, Lightning Farron seems to have dominated this game and its sequels from day one.

Review: PlayStation 4

After seven years, PlayStation comes full circle. Read on for the BRB verdict of Sony’s latest behemoth.

Review: Dead Rising 3

I have a love/hate relationship with Capcom games, the Dead Rising series is no exception to this…

BRB Boom 61: Sammy’s Back

This week, DogsDie and Yoshifett are joined by Deadpoolskye to discuss games, the PS4, video game generations, Lego Lord Of The Rings & Lord Of The Rings vs Star Wars.

Review: Ryse: Son of Rome

At a point around half way through the campaign – I paused Ryse and said out loud; “Am I playing the same game that everyone else reviewed?”

BRB UK 83: Xbattenberg One

Console launches, eh? They’re frankly two-a-penny these days – but fear not, as Dan, Jon and Tim are taking one for the team and slavishly playing away on all the new hotness that’s landed.

Games of the Generation: Red Dead Redemption

If you’ve never played Red Dead Redemption you should probably grab a fistful of dollars and pick it up…

Gaming For Good – Yogscast’s Dwarven Dairy Drive

In this Gaming for Good article, we’ll be revisiting SpecialEffect as they are featured on Humble Bundle for the first time ever – with a little help from those Yogscast chaps.

Contest: Win a Copy of The Wolverine on Blu-Ray!

Win a copy of The Wolverine on Blu-ray with BRB’s free, easy to enter contest!

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