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Review: Beyond Two Souls

Beyond: Two Souls is the latest creation of Quantic Dream and much like the titles before it plays more like an interactive movie than a traditional video game title.

BRB @ EGX: Titanfall Video Interview

Tim has a hug and a word or twelve with EA’s Brian Austin as the two talk brand new info on Titanfall, already one of the biggest games of next year.

Batman: Arkham Origins – Launch Trailer

With two days until the launch of Batman’s most intense adventure, WB Games have released this “Personal Mission” launch trailer setting the tone of the brutal combat and challenges that the Dark Knight will have to overcome using his wits, skills and a bat-belt full of gadgets.

InSomnia – Preview Video

Welcome to a breathtakingly atmospheric, new online RPGĀ universe scheduled for release on PC in late 2014. Welcome to InSomnia!

Review: Magic the Gathering – Theros

Chris Shooter takes a look at the new Magic the Gathering block – Theros and checks out the new Event Deck.

BRB UK 78: As The French Would Say…

It’s a little break from the norm this week, as BRB UK somehow morphs into BRB Lahhhndin courtesy of Jon not being around. Again. So join Dan, Tim and special guest Coleman for a romp around the latest in gaming.

Review: The Wolf Among Us: Episode 1 – Faith

The first episode of Telltale Games’ new game, The Wolf Among Us, suggests it is following The Walking Dead’s path to success.

Titanfall – First to Fall World Tour Video

From PAX Prime and the Tokyo Games Show, to gamescom and the Eurogamer Expo, Titanfall’s been touring the globe giving gamers the first chance to play one of 2014’s most anticipated game. To go along with the release date announcement, Respawn have also released some of the highlights and reactions of those gamers that were […]

Review: The Inner World

If you appreciate a traditional point-and-click adventure bundled up in charm and spirit, The Inner World is a quick but joyful game bursting with playful dialogue and a host of unusual characters.

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