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Magpies. A bird synonymous with thievery. Not usually car theft though.

You want multiple main characters in your GTA? You do? Well that is great, as Grand Theft Auto V has you covered with the multi heist adventures of Franklin, Michael and Trevor. What is even greater than a free copy of one of this year’s hottest releases? When it isn’t a stolen* copy! (*BRB and musicMagpie do not condone stealing, GTA V does condone it a little bit but that is hot coffee of their own making . They may condone stealing of digital cars but I bet they don’t condone stealing of their own game!)


Anyway, if you want to win a brand spanking new (and definitely not stolen) copy of Grand Theft Auto V for Xbox 360 just answer the question below;

Q. What real world city that you would like to see a future GTA game set in and why?

All answers will be entered into a prize draw and one of the answers will be chosen at random to win the copy of the game. Please note that as this is being sent out directly by the lovely birds of musicMagpie, *I* am placing a limit on this being UK only. All entries will only be counted as valid if made before 12 Midnight on Friday 12th September. As it is an 18 certificated game I will only allow existing forum members to be eligible, as it is easier to identify the age of the recipient. All other standard BRB contest terms and conditions apply and can be read here.

And There Is More Where That Came From

What is even better than a chance to win a free (non stolen) copy of GTA V? How about a free copy of the game, a PS3 and a whole host of other GTA V goodies (Pictured below) Just head over to to see the details of the even better GTA V contest that they have running.

game piece - gta comp 2

Thanks, Discalimers and Gamers

A Big Red thanks to the lovely birds from for offering up a copy of GTA V to give away to our forum members. If you are a bit confused about why a music bird suddenly cares about games, then it may be worth noting that they trade in video games and consoles Β too. I have included some links and details below for anyone that is interested.

In the interest of full disclosure I should note that the copy of GTA was originally offered for us to keep. We said that we would rather give it away to our lovely forum members. The only agreement made for us to receive the copy for the purposes of the contest is to make the post that you are reading now, but no content requirements were made other than the mentioning of their contest. Below is a quote directly from and should not be viewed as a recommendation or endorsement of their services. allows you to get CASH for your unwanted Games & Consoles, as well as your old CDs, DVDs, Games, Tech & Electronics.

It’s really EASY to sell your Games & Consoles. You can sell PlayStation 2’s, sell PlayStation 3’s, sell Wii’s or even sell your Xbox 360 with musicMagpie! Just type the barcode of your Games or the name of your Console, into the valuation engine above and get an instant price – kerching!



  1. Adam

    Set the next GTA in Glasgow and the surrounding area. Why? Because it’s a relatively unknown city but it covers a vast range of terrain!

  2. Steve

    I’d love to see London. The cobble side streets would be badass. A chance for awesome gang warfare. Visiting Buckingham Palace, flying a plane over the London Eye.. And heck, who wouldn’t want to run over a group of chavs?!

  3. shakysnake

    Personally i would like to see GTA set in Venice πŸ˜€ :P, but then it might be called GTB (Grand Theft Boat) and will have a english speaking Italian protagonist (of course speaks English with Italian accent and Italian gestures) , The big but is, i cant join the contest as i am not in UK πŸ™

  4. paul hillhouse

    (Grand theft auto tokyo or gta milton keynes extra roudabout edition (traffic circle edition in america)

  5. paulhillhouse

    Sorry wasnt logged in previous post but I am a forum member

  6. WhiteSpyderZero

    I think a non-American setting would be a nice change for Grand Theft Auto. They’ve already done London (albeit in the 60s), but I wouldn’t mind seeing Rockstar take on a more exotic locale – How about somewhere like Rio de Janeiro? It’s certainly a very different type of city to the usual GTA fare.

    Failing that, Las Vegas might be another interesting location – Set it in the 80’s as well, and the game will practically write itself.

  7. bryan mulder

    I think the next gta must be in Paris , because the city is massive and fun , and there are many famous sights. !

  8. Ploogle

    Seattle! Not enough games are set in Seattle.

  9. Adam

    The whole of Australia would be interesting and a lot to explore and maybe more missions

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