How A Great Game Can Ruin Gaming

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I know the title is a bit of an oxymoron but bear with me. Having been forced to create a new Xbox LIVE account about a year ago, I have been switching between playing new games with replaying old games I have previously finished on my old account — in an effort to rebuild my Gamerscore to respectable proportions. But this goal was disrupted by Bioshock Infinite in a phenomenon that I find also occurs when I finish reading a good series of books. This is; the inability to get interested in or even enjoy any other game for more than a few minutes, especially one that isn’t quite as good as the one I just finished.

As someone who enjoys playing games more than once, out of necessity as much as enjoyment, this can sometimes present a problem. Especially when coupled with moving house right after finishing Bioshock and was without internet access for six weeks. This meant that I was without my usual haven in these situations: online gaming. Be it Halo, Fifa or even the occasional game of Trials Evolution, this was my go to place when this occurred as I could play a couple of matches in one game before I got bored and moved on to the next.


So with no internet access I was stuck trying to force myself to get interested in an offline single player game. Over the course of a week I must have tried to start a new play through in at least fifteen different games before eventually settling on Final Fantasy XIII. Even though I stuck with the game, it wasn’t until almost ten hours in, that I actually started to enjoy myself. All of this was caused by simply finishing Bioshock Infinite. It seems to me that in it’s own way this is a good thing as it means I’ve truly enjoyed the game and I’m finding it difficult to move on to something else.

I sometimes wonder if this happens to anyone else or if maybe I’m just that little bit crazy. I suppose I shouldn’t complain too much though. Despite having ruined gaming for me for a week I still enjoyed Bioshock Infinite immensely and I can honestly say I look forward to the next time this happens as it means I will have just played an absolutely fantastic game.

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  1. freakplayin

    Great post. Tim can i have a shout out next podcast please. i can sort of relate to you but in my case its dirt 3 and bf3. i play both on pc i find i can’t put them down and i’ve been playing them for 2 years since they released and there still going strong for me.

    • @freakplayin – Note that this isn’t my post, I just penned the intro (well, typed it at least!) But yes, I should be able to give you a shout out on the podcast = ) Recording tonight so should be on episode 70.

  2. ThaJM

    Can’t say i can relate to this one, at least not completely. Now that i think back, i do notice very brief pauses in my gaming routine at the completion of particularly satisfying games. Perhaps to ruminate on the experience? But at the start of the next game, all thoughts of the previous are cast aside.

    Pretty interesting stuff Dom, will look forward to future articles 🙂

  3. freakplayin

    Will the grandad fella be back on tonight Captain Average ? Also known as Dan ?

  4. I wont argue too much with you on that Diarmuid lol 🙂

    Love FFIX as well, Zidane was such a great character.

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