Event: TTT: Tekken Card Tournament & Help Design BRB The Board Game!

This week’s Table Top Tuesday at Loading, Soho, London, Big Red Barrel is mixing things up a little. Pandemic night saw a lot of ladies and germs joining together to fight off viruses and last week’s Training Day saw a lot of Ticket To Ride-based fun for all those who came aboard, but there is no overarching theme for this week. We do have a nice mix of up to half a dozen new (to the location) board and card games for you to try and a few nice surprises to introduce too!

Tekken Card Tournament

To help celebrate the launch of Tekken Card Tournament‘s physical cards in all good retailers (and some bad ones too) — we are lucky enough to have up to 10 sets of 5 physical cards to be won throughout the evening. Tekken Card Tournament is a free to download and free to card deck building game that is available for Android, iOS and PC. As there have previously been issues with everyone trying to download games at once, it may be advisable for people to download the game before attending the event.



Build A Board Game

This will also be the first week that we will ask people to get involved with the designing of a game as we look to make our own Big Red Barrel Boardgame. I have an idea for the outline of the game, we will discuss this and then see how everyone’s suggestion fit into that broad frame. The plan is to have paper prototypes for next week and then to iterate on the design until we produce a game on an actual board in subsequent weeks.

We are also looking at helping others to test out their own games and look to help prototype other game designs and advise budding game designers as to how they can bring their product to market. I should note there that while I have some years of experience in the print industry, I/we don’t claim to be experts in this area but we are looking to learn as well, so that we can all conquer the world together. We are hopeful that there may also be some of the lovely, experienced, game designing  guys and girls from Paperjam at the event to assist us in the design process too.

Book Early To Avoid Disappointment

While you should be alright to just turn up on the night and enjoy the fun, the last few Tuesdays have been quite busy. If you are a group (particularly if there is more than six of you) it may be advisable to book in advance if you want one of the larger, more comfortable tables made available.

If you haven’t been along to a Table Top Tuesday yet I can only conclude that you hate good things. Always a great atmosphere in Loading and the great selection of free-to-play board games give you a chance to meet and make new friends while drinking your way through a selection of the greatest gaming themed cocktails known to man (or Panda.)


DAY: Tuesday 13th August

TIME: 8pm-Late

53 Rupert Street

Loading Cafe/Bar Indiegogo


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