BRB UK 68.666: Not Quite 69

Only two thirds of the regular podcasting trio made it out of Scotland alive! Dan had an unfortunate incident with one of his butlers last week and so won’t be joining us again until next week. But listen in to this slightly shorter show to hear Jon and Tim prattle on about; the Scottish adventure that was Faster Than Life at the Scottish Car Show and discuss the line-up of launch games for the Xbone and PS4.

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  1. Dangerous Brian

    I like how unwilling you are to do episode 69 without Dan. I miss his voice too, but I’m not gonna “gut myself” with a Bowie Knife over it though, sorry Prime. Hope you sort out whatever is wrong soon pal.

    Its great to hear the Scottish Car Show and it’s after party went so well. Makes me wish I lived anywhere near either London or Glasgow and/or could get the time off.

  2. Who needs Dan when you’ve got noises made by Kev?
    Honestly though, it’ll be really nice when the three regular hosts get back together, I can’t wait to hear that show. But in the mean time, Tim and Jon are doing a grand job.

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