Contest: WIN Two pairs of VIP Tickets to The Scottish Car Show

Big Red Barrel will be in Glasgow, Scotland this weekend for the Scottish Car Show and will be  showing a selection of the latest and greatest driving games.

“This will be the biggest live event that Big Red Barrel has ever rolled the red carpet out for and we aim to mark the occasion with an explosive celebration of the latest and greatest driving games” said Tim Hibbs, co-owner and content director of Big Red Barrel and organiser of Fast Than Life. “We’ll have an exceptional line up to announce in the near future and we’ll also be taking the opportunity at Faster Than Life to spread the word about the great work done by top two gaming charities; Extra Life and Special Effect.”



Two winers will get themselves;

A pair of VIP Tickets to The Scottish Car Show


Entry is easy! Simply name your favourite car in a video game. If you’re the secretly the Stig, your entry will be excluded. We’re onto you Stig!

Winners will be chosen at random.


All entries must be made before 12pm midnight (BST) Thursday 18th of July 2013. Entries from outside of the UK permitted. Multiple entries permitted, but only one entry for every 24 hours will be valid. N.B: Please note that no transportation or accommodation costs are included, prize includes a pair of tickets which give you full access to the event.

All other standard BRB terms and conditions for contests apply and can be viewed here.

Good luck!



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  1. My favourite car in a videogame? Probably the near-perfect replica of my own Porsche 944 Turbo that I managed to create in Forza 3 … I never did get one to look/feel quite right in Forza 4, sadly.

  2. Steven Mcgrorty

    My fave game car is a race modified S15 in gt5!

  3. Raymie Lennox

    The Ferrari Testarossa convertible from the original outrun arcade game .

  4. susan summers

    My favourite is the Lamborgini Murcielago in GTA iv ………. mmmm

  5. jamie daniels

    Ae86 in grid cant beat a bit drifting

  6. Scott Muir

    Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 (Forza Horizon, Gran Turismo 3)

  7. aidan billingsley

    My favourite car would be the ferrari 599 xx from forza horizon

  8. Rory Hazlie

    My favourite car in a video game is the corvette zr-1 from gt 5 because my dad had one and I miss it so much and was a great car to drive before it went to colour ever(charcoal grey silver metallic with black leather interior

  9. My favourite car from a video game is probably the Honda NSX from Gran Turismo 5. It’s a great all rounder for grip driving and drifting. It’s very balanced and can easily take down faster cars with the right driver (Me) lol.

    There’s also a lot more cars from Gran Turismo 5 that I like to use.. but I do think the NSX is definitely one of the best!

  10. Allan Jones

    Mk 2 Escort from DIRT 2, as I had a real one as my first car!

  11. alex chisholm

    My favourite car from a video game is Nissan 350z from need for speed

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