BRB UK 67: Tutus and Top Hats

BRB UK is a Dan down this week. To celebrate, Jon and Tim brought Barrelcast Brit Kev along for the ride instead. The results are…better, maybe? Don’t forget to visit our sponsor Insert Coin Clothing and cover up your nakedness by using discount code BIGREDSAVINGS15 for 15% off your order!

  • Rest in peace, Ryan Davis
  • Table Top Tuesdays at Loading Soho
  • Faster Than Life at The Scottish Car Show
  • Grand Theft Auto V sweetness
  • App Store and God Hand delights
  • Rogue Legacy and PS3 Hotline Miami impressions
  • WolfensteinThe Witcher 3 and Mario Kart 8 previews
  • Win a £100 Insert Coin Clothing voucher!

We appreciate you chaps and chapettes taking time out of your week to listen to our show. For your convenience, you can simply download the MP3 by clicking HERE or you can subscribe via iTunes, RSS or Zune and stay up to date.

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  1. Dangerous Brian

    Great show again people, nowhere near enough innuendo for my liking however. Quick, somebody make a penis joke, and don’t cock it up.

  2. Always nice to hear more Kev. Good show guys.

    Also, on Hotline Miami, the PS Vita version is the dog’s.. bawbag.

  3. Aurochs

    GTA V looks fantastic! Besides the slight blip that was IV I’ve always preferred the not too over the top style of GTA compared to saints row. That said, being able to have fighter jets in multiplayer is ridiculously glorious!
    So good episode! I’m always surprised by just quite how much Dan is able to lower the tone, which is only noticeable when he’s gone! See some of you on Sunday then?

  4. The_Toaster

    So this is why I avoid using Photoshop… and designing t-shirts :/


  5. Brooksy068

    Here is a tee shirt idea. I got the idea from the podcasts. Its very simple. Make a shirt with the red barrell on it and above the barrel write “The biggest, reddest site on the internet.” Then below the barrel write “”

  6. StealthyJoe

    Great show guys, nice to hear kev on this podcast but I must say that i am not a GTA fan and I don’t know if I will get this one unless it is completely awesome. I can’t wait for wolfenstein, I really love the series though the last one was a very big disappointment and but I have blind faith and hope that this one will be awesome lol.

    I really love the witcher as I have read the books in English and I played the first game and it was very cool though I was so bloody frustrated with it as I got the original version and it was in Polish lol, yes I am polish but I live and was raised in good old Blighty lol. Still need to get through the second witcher but it might take me so long I might just play the third one instead.

    Oh and I need to come down to Soho to the table top event, miss the last few but I have arranged to make some time and go next week. I have said it in the barrelcast forum but, my warm affections go out to every one affect by the lose of Ryan Davis, sad times.

  7. scarbunny

    I’ve always loved the GTA games, but with 4 they lost me the whole thing was just a chore to play and I never finished it.  Although that didn’t stop me buying it on the PC as well as the 360 even though I knew I hated it.  Damn you Steam!!  GTA V looks like they have taken the criticism on board and gone back to the fun of 3 and San Andreas.  The last few years I have been more into SR, even if SR3 was a little… off, im not sure what I mean there but there was nothing wrong with it but the whole thing felt a little flat.  Cautiously looking forward both to SR4 and GTA V though.


    Would love to get down to the Loading Bar for one of these awesome events, especially the table top ones, but I live out in the Irish Sea so it’s just not convenient.  If you could get some thing arranged in the Liverpool/Manchester area I would be on a plane quicker than you can say Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis.




  8. no matter if somebody is praising the next Grand Theft Auto or criticising it, all I hear is NEW GTA NEW… GTA… NEW GTA, like some kind of mind-siren. I’m pretty much looking forward to this happy 


    Gah, I wish I knew about the Scottish Car show sooner, would have loved to of made the drip. My fault for not looking I guess. I shall have to go to Loading and drown my sorrows with all the G & T Virus’.


    I really need to clear some time for this T Shirt comp.

  9. The_Toaster said
    So this is why I avoid using Photoshop… and designing t-shirts :/


    You realise this is why people ignore you right? hmmm

  10. Ricardo Kirkabon

    Since BRB UK has had more of a Caledonian feel recently, I submit this as a possible T Shirt design:




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