Big Red Barrelcast 19: Bo Knows… FIXED EDITION

We realized that the music got a little loud at the end of the episode, but it’s fixed now. Enjoy the show the way it was intended to be heard.

The Big Red Barrelcast returns to tickle your ear drums with their ramblings! On this week’s episode, Dave, Pacman and Kev discuss swamp nuts, Deadpool and Bo Jackson. Don’t forget to visit our sponsor Insert Coin Clothing and cover up your nakedness by using discount code BIGREDSAVINGS15 for 15% off your order!

This time, they ramble on about:

  • Deadpool
  • Dark
  • Runescape 3
  • A 21 mouse salute
  • Bo Jackson in NCAA 14
  • New Sim City DLC
  • Sony’s price fix
  • Destiny
  • Mattrick leaves Xbox
  • Shout outs
  • Some lovely bonus content for BRB podcast app owners.

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  1. BilboTeabaggins

    Cracking show guys, got me through the dullardry of doing the deals list in the PC section of the forum. So yeah, thank you for helping me maintain a little more of my sanity.


    Heavily unrelated to video games but, to be like the Xbone for a second, SPORTS!

    Your little bit on Bo Jackson made me think of the legendary athlete Max Woosnam. I shall quote from that Wikipedia page just to list some of his greatness:

    “Amongst his achievements was winning an Olympic gold and silver at the 1920 Summer Olympics, winning the doubles at Wimbledon, compiling a 147 break in Snooker, making a century at Lord’s Cricket Ground, captaining the British Davis Cup team, captaining Manchester City F.C.finishing ultimately runners-up for the Football League Championship in 1920–21 and captaining the England national football team.”

    Max knew. :P

  2. Dangerous Brian

    Damn, all that?!

  3. BilboTeabaggins

    Dangerous Brian said
    In reply to Mr. Teabaggins about Max Woosnam;

    Damn! All that?!

    Yeah, and he worked as an engineer. Like sports person wasn’t even his job. He just played sports because he loved it. And he beat Charlie Chaplin at Table Tennis using a butter knife instead of a paddle.

    But I digress before I drag this far away from the topics of the show.

  4. ThaJM

    Wow, this Woosnam guy is incredible! According to the wikipedia entry he achieved all that whilst being a heavy smoker?!

    Runescape was fairly popular here in Singapore about 10 years ago, but never really garnered the same following some of the asian mmos did (maplestory chief among them). Looking at the screenshots of runescape 3, it’s pretty impressive! Especially considering it’s still a browser based mmo.

    Man, ball mice were pretty cool back then. Pretty reliable too, my laser mice tend to be a bit finicky now and then.

  5. Great podcast as usual. If you guys are taking suggestions an XBLA game called Mount Your Friends is funny albeit a tad lewd. You should give it a go.

  6. Dangerous Brian

    Lewd is my favorite tad…

  7. Aurochs

    Good episode guys! Somehow it seemed although shorter that you got loads of stuff in today.

    So now you’re sponsored by insert coin, does this mean we’ll see some official big red barrel shirts? I’d buy one! :D

  8. StealthyJoe

    Loving the show you guys got through quite a bit nice work and I must say I am really liking the look of deadpool, I have like deadpool a lot over the years his one of those character that you love or you just don’t understand lol.

    And oh my how awesome that the is new dlc for sim city….

    Anyway that game was such a disappointment and I must say its a bit of a shocker you guys have not played runescape but as a player of it back some time ago I don’t blame you. It was a mmorpg that just took an age to play and there where bits that you could do for free and some bits that you must pay for, the free areas where quite restrictive and back well many years ago when I was in secondary school I did not have the money to pay a lot so I stuck to the free areas and only some time I would pay for a little bit to go premium. But the thing to understand back then the game was about leveling up not just your character but every skill and there where a lot of skill, even different types of weapons, and because you could craft and make all the weapons and armour – the buy option was expensive – you found yourself just spending days doing nothing but mining coal – coal was need as a base with all other types of ore. This is already to long ramble about this game and to explain even the stupid mining thing and how frustrating it was would take way too much time lol. If I must sum up, I say don’t play it unless your already committed or ready to commit big time lol.

    I can’t wait to play titanfall and detiny and I think you guys once said you have not heard anyone say the are getting an xbox first, well I have spent sometime rationalizing and I am getting an xbox one and most I will most probably stick to it. Dang.

    And such sad new about Mr Douglas Engelbart I think there will be a google doodle for him in January for his birthday, well I hope so. Great episode can’t way till next week.

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